Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up

Think you know where this one’s going? Yeah, you’re probably right.

I’m not sure what the best part of the second photo is: The big guy lifting 80 lbs. with his ears, or the little guy seeming completely unfazed by the situation. “What? I’m hanging from some ears. Happens all the time. Beats riding a bike, am I right? Hey, you got an XBox over there?”

… and scene.

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44 thoughts on “Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up

  1. “Officer, there’s a half naked guy in the youth club trying to pick up kids.You can’t miss him, he looks like Mr T…..”

  2. i can lift a pint can of beer with my foreskin ring, but this has just shown me this is not impressive.

  3. damnn, im alays freaking out when the baby i live with PULLS at my earlobes because im paranoid theyll rip in half!
    but then again, im sure he has more lobe tissue than i do..

  4. yes it’s super cute, his lobes are awesomely strong, but the first thing i noticed was the hottie on 8 wheels. sry, used to skate… :)

  5. I can’t stop wondering what he’s done to his left foot, but, awesome ears and kid

  6. Man, I heard one time that the human ear could only handle 15lbs of pressure before getting ripped off your head. I guess that was totally wrong!! And I love the face-palm :P

  7. Modblog really helped me study for my standardized test today with this whole nonplussed/unfazed issue. thanks everyone… and I will now look out for a photo involving someone actually nonplussed — so shocked they do not know how to respond. I am sure there will be one soon.

  8. Okay, I might sound dumb, but I’ve never really learned much about stretching ears, but seriously… how does that not rip?
    I’m very impressed, and I’m not saying ANYTHING bad about it or whatever, but someone please explain to me how his ears are not being ripped.

  9. Nat – some people have really, really elastic skin, others dont!

    More than likely this guy has had his ears stretched at this gauge for several years.

  10. I was shirt less be cause i was laying in broken glass will a bed of nails on top of me and some one standing on it right befor this. The blood on my foot was from jumping in the glass right be for that. You can see more pics of me and the other stuff i do at . The size of my ears are 22mm (7/8)

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