He Got Me Invested in Some Kinda Fruit Company

I’ve gotta be honest: I don’t think that apple’s going to be any good to eat.

(Photo by brushsha.)

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62 thoughts on “He Got Me Invested in Some Kinda Fruit Company

  1. VERY, VERY odd…
    - but insanely beautiful and I’m going to follow suit and say that I want her plugs


  2. i dunno. Those apples look photoshopped in but then again everything looks like photoshop when you play with the levels hard enough. still a neat shot

  3. well the bigger apple in her hand looks almost a definate photoshop. and the one in her plug has the same shading, just slightly darker. and surely if it wasn’t photoshopped, the other plug would be matching – i don’t see no white in the slightest in it. still an amazing photo

  4. yeah, i hate being all like “ooh photoshop!”, but seriously. those apples look a little out of place. especially the one in her ear. aside from that, its a beautiful photo!

  5. agreed. the apple in her lobe looks stupid as hell.

    but everything else is beautiful. love her eyebrows.

  6. Is there a chance we could see a close up of the kitty tattoo on her arm??

    it looks like the Cheshire cat.

    I wish the plugs were real, I would want a pair.

  7. D1exa, ты первый раз на модблоге? или нет? аим-то есть, но его фиг посмотришь((
    только кантакт(

  8. well going by what you can see of the other plug I’d have to say they are both just tunnels with an apple photoshopped in, but in anycase its still one of the most gorgeous pics I’ve seen in a long time

  9. too much airbrushing/photoshopping for my liking. i prefer it when what i see in a photo is real. those plugs are still impressive though

  10. I think it would have looked better without the ear apple but i’m no photographer and she’s beautifal enough to pull it off.

  11. I was gonna enjoy this photo until I saw the apple in her ear. It looks extremely out of place. :/ And then when you look hard enough so does the apple in her hand. Quite disappointing.
    Would’ve been a fabulous picture otherwise…

  12. + 1 on Anjellica.

    I love this photo though. She’s so purty, and it’s Autumn themed :) wooo!

  13. Скоро Русские заполонят МОДБЛОГ,а когда нибудь захватят МИР)))ШУЧУ)))

  14. I hatehatehate the apples but looking past them, I love the photo. She is lovely.

  15. Look at the bottom right quarter of the image. The photoshopping on her torso defies human anatomy.

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  18. 55- good call!! didn’t notice that immediately. this would alot more beautiful with less shoppin. why not just let her natural beauty speak for itself?

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