Light and Flickering

From what I can gather, this photo was taken for the lovely La Negra‘s thirtieth birthday, and it is, unsurprisingly, as stunning as we’ve come to expect from her. But, ha ha, good luck blowing out those candles! (Yeah, I’ve got nothing.)

(More of La Negra on ModBlog here.)

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40 thoughts on “Light and Flickering

  1. WOW!!
    – I don’t know how I’ve never seen her before… but she’s absolutely stunning.

    and the horns suit her famously!

  2. in my opinion she is the most beautiful woman on IAM <3 so so stunning <3 and such sweetheart. LOVE HER!

  3. I swear, every picture of la negra is so fucking interesting and beautiful..usually not in a traditional way either, i love it.

  4. I’m assuming she melted the wax onto her implants and stuck the candles on them whilst it was still hot…

  5. i shiver with joy every time i see new pictures of her – she’s so drop-dead gorgeous! 😀

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