Walk Beside Me and Be My Friend

Well-lit photo? Check. Interesting, healthy looking, well-placed piercings? Check. Hmm … so, what is the small faction of perpetual ModBlog nay-sayers going to complain about? I’m betting it’ll be critiques of the wallpaper or assertions that Syl20‘s bald head is clearly indicative of a deep-seated prejudice against the hirsute or something equally ridiculous and inane. Don’t let me down!

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50 thoughts on “Walk Beside Me and Be My Friend

  1. I have a feeling the small bit of modblog that complains will be rather pleased with this picture. I know I am.

    Lets see, he’s of legal age(but that only matters of sexual pictures I suppose), he actually HAS mods, good quality picture, interesting content.. What is there not to like? I’d take this over preteen girls showing off their tongue piercings any day.

  2. uuhhh let me think for a sec….I’m really not seein..oh theres something, he has his neck pierced! See once on his throat and 2 more times under his ear! Thats disgusting! why would anyone do that!

    All joking aside it really is a very nice picture

  3. i love his facial tattoos, they are beautiful. I cant wait untill i can finally open my business and not be forced to live by silly employer rules about appearance that will in no way affect my job performance.

  4. He has a swastika nazi symbol on his chest, possibly a mirrored image which means it’s close to his heart so at heart he is a nazi and those horns indicate also a devil. That tattoo on his cheek is probably lasered off so he can’t make good decisions and probably got it while intoxicated. On the other side of his chest is a pinup lady with an X over it so he is also a homo.


    No, seriously, this is great. I love his facial tattoos, especially, and his bridge and septum look fantastic.

  6. Mikeo, don’t be afraid of Sylvain, you don’t need to! :P
    One nice guy i had the chance to talk to during the Quebec City Suscon. his mods are simply wonderful :)

  7. First of all, I’m part of this community because into it I discovered people very open minded as much as I am. I was in choc when I red the comment of a certain ” Turkeylurkey ” Saying that I have a nazi symol on the chest when it’s more of a circle of the elements in the old PAGAN beleifs (four hearted celtic knots), and about that supposed pin-up tattoo on the left chest, it’s more of a anarchist holding down a black flag saying out loud that the governement doesn’ t have a complete hold of me, about the cheek, it’s a scarification of a tribal symbol, done “dry”, and I’m not obviously against gays, I’m into a hetero relationship and it goes perfectly thank’s, last, about the hornes, It’s only something that express how I feel about mainstream society, being an outsider, thanks to all others that apreciate the pic that was taken by a very good photografer Sarah DeVennes from Halifax, N.S. Canada, This pic mean how I feel about me being who I am, trying to be a better person every day.. IAMSyl20

  8. I am totally in love with this beautiful picture! I think his mods (the ones I can see) suit him wonderfully, he’s very nice to look at.

  9. i’m honestly in awe. those are incredible mods and they look so healthy.

    thank you for posting this pic.

    also, the surface piercing right below his adams apple seems incredibly risky but the fact that it appears healthy speaks wonders of the care it was give.

  10. IAMSyl20,
    It’s a great picture but I think “turkeylurkey” was joking. I believe it’s a comment to point out how it’s really hard to pick things out about this picture that aren’t great.
    Cause it’s great.

  11. The septum piercing looks awesome on him; I also love the weird piercing near his ear. It almost looks like it goes under a tendon or something….. Intriguing….

  12. yeah i’m quite the modblog complainer lately and i love this picture

    please more of this stuff

    please less child abuse and american flag tattoos that look like breakfast food.

  13. I want to see more of that tattooed head of his as determine if those are all microdermals below his ear. I am almost sure they are, but the way his neck is turned is trying to tell my mind differently. Either way, great look.

  14. This photo is as close to perfect as they come!
    And I gotta note the dramatic decrease in negativity… If only more posts were like this.

  15. I think that all of his mods, save for his lobes, are exquisite. However, I guess he really didn’t take care of the suckers while stretching; they’re thin and VERY unhappy looking! :(

    But otherwise, I really do think his mods suit him, in a slightly demonic way ;)

  16. I’ll plug myself here and say that I’m the one who did his horns! Sylvain is an awesome customer, very smart and that puts a lot of research into his planned mods, it will soon be the time fo his 2nd generation of horns and I’m really looking forward to that!


  17. Jordan’s attempt at humour = fail. Why be bitter, just ignore the trolls (this is the internet, they’re everywhere, get used to it!!!) and also accept that sometimes the ‘negative’ comments also have their points. I am disappointed you put that blurb on one of the rare truly beautiful portraits of an attractively modded man and spoilt the otherwise good vibe. I find it ironic the only negative comments on this thread have been about your comment about people being negative???!!! Let it go………

    STUNNING septum there, and I have the same helix piercing with a spike, so obviously perfect taste ;)

  18. Writting a second time, I hope I won’t be considered consided and around myself but I’m just very happy about all those comments good or bad, because, sometimes, bad critics could be the start of a new point of view that we might never had about ourself, well, I try to see a happy ending to all this wave of comments, This motivates me to be all I can be, regardless of obstacles that life will try to throw at me, IAMSyl20

    long life to the community of freedom and friendships that BME stands for….

  19. i’m sick of the way modblog continually degrades men by showing pictures of them shirtless! This is a blog about body modifications, not the 2008 Hot Hunks calendar!!! God damnit people!! Get with the times!!!


    Yes. This is Mickey. And I’m taking the.

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