Hold Onto Your Butts

New rule: If you send in a Jurassic Park tattoo, you get featured on ModBlog. (Ed. note: Not a real rule.)

Says Scotty: “My parents are gone for six months.” Hopefully they remembered to Scotchgard before they left …

(Tattoo by Carrie Warner at Golden Horseshoe in St. Catharines, Ont.)

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27 thoughts on “Hold Onto Your Butts

  1. At first I didn’t see it, but that’s pretty damn funny. I had so many of those toys… Good memories.

  2. if i had been able to get a tattoo at age 11, it’d have been something Jurassic Park related. So thank you to this gentleman for fulfilling a childhood wish. XD

  3. Yeah, I can tell he’s gonna misbehave while they’re gone =)

    I love this pic for many reasons.

  4. I would have had no idea that this was a Jurassic Park thing had it not been mentioned in the header.

  5. one of my favorite childhood (yes!i’m young -_-) movies…oh the memories…

    if my parents where gone i would walk around naked in my house too xD great pic

  6. Tattoos aside, this is just beautifully shot. Someone was clearly paying attention to everything.

  7. yeah, he probably needs some help with that chair ;) deeeyaaamn – but yes, the pic is lovely….

  8. Hot hot hot hot hot.

    Also, I bought myself a super detailed Allosaurus figurine today for my birthday. …I am 24. :|

  9. I don’t see what it has to do with jurassic park, apart from the toy.
    The JP logo doesnt look anythng like that.

  10. man brings back fond memories ..i saw the frist movie when it first came out i was 5. and outmywindow…happy birthday

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