Cameelious Hump

Black …

… and blue.

(“Black” by Barry Hannah at Dark Day Studios Tattoo and Piercing in Red Deer, Alta. “Blue” from, by Steeney at Freaks on Broadway in Kansas City, MO.)

18 thoughts on “Cameelious Hump

  1. The “blue” photo, the tattoo is so cute, I wish I could see it better.
    Both are beautiful.

  2. @#5: You know, that stuff just pisses me off. Yeah, sure, corsets are fairly “normal” playpiercings now, but you think modblog only should feature nullo’s, castrations, bisections and other extreme genital mods? Because you know what? That will be “boring” and “regular” after a while too.

  3. Both pics are beautiful … but if I gotta pick a fav I’m picking the one in black ….

  4. Well-done corset piercings looks so good! The blue lacing really does bring to mind ballerinas or dancers, especially with that dress.

  5. #8….sorry to piss ya off….i just can’t get into corsets at all….but I’m not really into extreme mods either, although I do like them when they are photographed well….and I don’t consider corsets play piercings at all…but that’s probably just because i do play piercings….click on my name there and check em out if ya haven’t seen em….

  6. What a morning. A cup of coffee, a cigarette and beauties on bmezine. Looks like a good start. Thank you.

  7. Hey guys, my name is Haley and i’m the girl with the blue lace!

    This is the second time i’ve been featured on this site and it’s exciting n_n

    The tattoo is a stick figure of a bear chasing the stick figure version of my best friend Max, who sadly died last august.

    You can go to my face book to see a better picture of it, my name is Haley Searls, look me up for more pictures of all of my body modification!


  8. theres something about corset piercings that i just love!!! too bad they way too expensive to get in trini.. but loved the st one and the tattoo on the second girl was cute…

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