The Cabinet of Curiosities

Those noble creatures, friends, are narwhals, proudly displayed on twylasue‘s chest and tattooed by Tom Keeney at Classic Electric Tattoo in Frederick, MD. (More from twylasue on ModBlog here.)

And, because I’m charitable, I’ve included a highly informative video about the narwhal below:

wow. Put your brains back together, ModBlog, and we’ll see you in the morning.

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33 thoughts on “The Cabinet of Curiosities

  1. every time i’ve seen a reference towards a narwhal i never expected them to be so…evil? that video totally ruined my image of them.

    on a related note, that tattoo is awesome..and i’m really interested to see, what i’m assuming is, that elephant lower on his stomach.

  2. mod blog you are always here for me. even when i mistreat you, abuse you verbally and tell all my friends that you liek it in the butt, you are still here for me. i will always have you like Al Capone has syphilis which eventually killed him because it thought he sucked.

  3. that video confuses me very very much and for some reason i think i’m going to wake up screaming thanks to it but i like the tattoo

  4. I haven’t seen that video in *forever*. I would sooooo see this movie. “I’ve just been kinda busy with this whole celestial battlemaiden thing…” Delightful.

    I like the tattoo, too. We don’t seem to get enough sea-mammal-themed tattoos on the modblog.

  5. Oooo I have been planning a Narwhal chest piece for a few months now!! Almost done drawing it up, mine are not as evil-looking as these :p But I’m happy to see someone else showing Narwhal respect!! 😀 Good anatomy there too – the Narwhal’s ‘horn’ is actually a sort of overgrown tooth, so it comes out of the mouth, doesn’t randomly stick out the middle of the head like some people draw it XD

  6. i thought that was kinda stupid, a lil funny, but could def find better ways to entertain myself

  7. “I’ll pump my little dragon wings as fast as I can”

  8. I recognise one of the names in the credits. How many “Alex Duckworth”s could there be?

  9. I knew I knew this chestpiece!
    I’m so glad ot see it with colour, it looks even better 😀

    and that video, is my new obsession.

    1000 thanks ModBlog, you’ve ruined my life again.

  10. nice to see someone else with a narwal tattoo…my tattoo artist didn’t even know what it was when I asked for it

  11. This is awesome. I have a narwhal on my hip, and I love seeing other people with narwhal tattoos. It’s always such a treat.

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