Tattooer Art and Anniversaries

Canvas Los Angeles is celebrating their one year anniversary and it’s going to be big. Artwork by some of the world’s most renowned tattooers will be displayed starting November 15th to mark their success in being the only dedicated Tattooer Art Gallery in the world. Having kept to their original mission of exposing Tattooers to the world of fine art with a dedicated space just for them, Canvas has reached unexpected levels of success and notoriety for displaying works from artists from around the world in a setting just for them. Come make the night special and get your chance to see what your favorite artists can do on canvas instead of your skin.

4 thoughts on “Tattooer Art and Anniversaries

  1. I typically write off the tattooists on LA Ink as mediocre but some of the work on their sites is actually kind of impressive. I liked Hanna Aitchison’s site a lot . I suppose you don’t get to see their really good pieces on the show.

  2. I wouldn’t write them off. Hannah and Kim are amazing. I worked with Hannah almost 10 years ago and artists from the same shop went on to work for Kim at Cherry Bomb. They are some of the best female tattooers in the industry and deserve to be the stars of the show.

  3. All of the artists on LA Ink do great work. Writing their art off as mediocre shows mediocre ability to judge tattoos. :P

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