Oh, hello! Hope everyone’s sugar highs have worn off from Halloween and that you’ve scrubbed the caramel out of your good pants. Anyway, what better way to start the week than by staring into the eyes of our model up there? More shots, after the jump:

First person to make a Mike Tyson joke receives my undying scorn. Mornin’, ModBlog!

24 thoughts on “Peek-a-Boo

  1. Sexiest modblog ever! I think I’m blushing!
    The eye tattoo is stunning and the septum jewllery is great as well.
    What a hero *stares*

  2. Ohhhh, another black guy with low-quality-tattoos copied from a second-rate-celebrity. Let’s all pretend that we love it because we have ideations about the “noble savage”.

    Nice photos however.

  3. I love his facial tattoo….I don’t usually care for them, but it fits his face so perfectly.

  4. peeeekaboo! (sorry, old siouxie sioux…)
    LOVE the face ink….it fits w/ the septum nicely. I would be curious to see it in color, as to notice skin tone vs. ink. I’m kinda caramel, so I often end up noticing people o’ colour w/ ink that blends in. zulu’s urban ink magazine kinda puts it to light. sorry for the long entry, but I’ve been sketching new designs I want, and the color factor is a bigger deal than previously thought. oh well.

  5. Oh my god he is so handsome, so gorgeous. I love the way his facial tattoo frames his gorgeous eyes. Heavens, I concur with Scarlet Thread, I’m most definitely blushing haha. Sexy, sexy. Great shots too, beautiful photographs.

  6. The facial tattoo suits him so well, it took me a second look to notice it. All I thought at first was “Beautiful!”

    Wonderful modblog entry.

    Beautiful sexy man.

  7. My favorite is the — Egyptian inspired? — face ink. It goes well with the nose peircings and sets off his beautiful eyes.

  8. That is one serious hunk of sexy man. Haha, seriously though, he’s very handsome and his mods fit him really well.

  9. Come on, its his body. Let him have it how he bloody well likes it. Let me ask you this: “How many people get thier own personal tat ideas from other people. Lets look at the fads that occasionaly sweep the world. The skulls, the sparrows, crosses. barcodes for heavens sake. The fact that it MAY be derived from a celeb only means that the idea was derived from a slightly more well known person than average.

    back to the picture itself: I love the africa tattoo, it makes me think of the movie:”hair”.
    Nice work

  10. jstossel, you have problems obviously. how do you know he didnt have the tat first?!? and what does his race have anything to do with it? anyway, mike tysons tat and his are very different. oh but you probably only saw a “black guy” with a face tat and probably think all black people look the same. dummy.

    I think on this site I’ve seen face tats around the eye area a million times, of course they’ll appear similar if they’re in the same area, that doesn’t mean they’re all copying of a second rate celeb. That one guy with the tat’s all up his body and on his face that has been featured her before (i think he was a cop or firefighter or something) has face tats way more similar to mike tyson’s.

    gosh, masked racism, and plain and simple ignorance really push my buttons.

  11. To everyone annoyed about comment #4:
    Would it have been better if he just referred to him as, “just another stupid twat with low-quality-tattoos copying a second-rate celebrity?”

    I don’t see how race even affects this. They’re poorly done tattoos and I don’t think his work compliments him at all. If you removed the facial tattoos and septum piercing he’d be a lot more attractive, IMO, simply BEACUSE they don’t compliment him so much.

    Yes, it’s his body and he can do what he likes with it. But having his photos on ModBlog leaves him open to criticisms. That’s part of the deal.

  12. Race affects this because since he is black, everyone is either afraid to look like a racist by saying his tattoos are crap, or because they are so ideated on the “noble savage” that they can not think clearly.

    If this was some white dude with tattoos of low quality that appear to be copied from a celebrity, he would be eaten alive. I think the comments here say a lot about racial bias among readers.

    The emperor wears no clothes!

  13. how is his facial tattoo poorly done (sure, others of his tattoos look cheap)? And there are poorly done facial tattoos feautred on this site (not to mention just poorly done tattoos) all the time. In fact, I’d make a wager that the majority of people with tattoos have at least a couple poorly done tattoos. You forget seeing websites and magazines filled with people people with amazing bodies of art that people get tattoos done by friends, for cheap, got them back in the day before tattoo shops became widespread and inks were regulated. Stop bitching about bad tattoos, these are FANTASTIC photos and the quality of his tattoos doesn’t deter from the fact that he is fucking good looking.

    What stands out to me in the level of scarring in a lot of the pictured tattoos. That could result from the tattoos being poorly done or his own poor healing. I have very well done tattoos and take meticulous care of tattoos during the healing process and I still have a TON of scarring. Ya, black people scar! We also don’t have the option of getting pretty detailed color or shaded tattoos like people with fair skin do. And the artists who are comfortable working on dark skin in a big way, or who actually have experience working with dark skin are few and far between. I had to go to sooo many shops to find someone who said they could do something more than plain old blackwork on my skin and I am HALF as dark as this guy.

    Options for artists and shops are limited people, tattoos don’t appear as clear, good detail is hard, scarring is near impossible to avoid. Deal with it people, Also so what people get excited when they see people of color on modblog, it’s not just “noble savage” exoticism, there simply aren’t many people of color featured in mainstream body modification media, and for numerous reasons not just that “all black people have shitty tattoos” like i have read people post on this blog numerous times. (and you wouldn’t believe how many photographers i have ran into for modeling who knew nothing about photographing dark skin let alone tattoos on dark skin). Also, go to boston and walk around downtown. You will see just as many white or fair skinned people with shitty tattoo party tats, or working class folks with home done shit as people with dark skin, so this whole ragging on dark skinned people who get posted on this site because they all have shitty or “ghetto” tattoos bullshit that goes on on this blog is getting old. Why do people always have to say something negative here?

    One last thing, a story: I have two friends with matching tribal facial tattoos around the eye, a very light skinned latino man and a darker skinned black man. The black man gets Tyson jokes cracked all the time and the light skinned man does not, and the tattoos are identical. Chew on that for a bit.

  14. #19 ur just dumb and black to fotograph black skin all u need is a night lense take ur cryin ass away from here no one wants to deal with ur pathetic cry baby ass

  15. I am pretty sure numer 20 post is inappropriate and should be removed, thanks moderator. all you need to photograph black skin is a night lense? really? I’m just dumb and black? so black is an insult like dumb is? and how am I pathetic, or “cryin” and what does my ass have to do with anything?

  16. jstossel; Weird going back and looking at all the other modblogs with around the eye tattoos, no one said anything about tyson. In your comment, it seemed like you meant he has poor tattoo because he is black. which makes it seem like you’re overgeneralizing.

    If he was white, you would not have pointed it out.

    Note, im not calling you racist. Rather, your remark was out of place and uncalled for.

  17. He’s Richard Blackman, in case anyone’s wondering his name. He has plenty of videos online about fruitarianism and raw food as well as fitness and toning. I love his face and neck tattoos. The others are iffy, but he’s a great dude.

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