Smokin’ From Shootin’

Oh, that’s dirty. That is just a straight up naughty picture. But what does it mean?

“I always enjoy tough but girly things (I seem to have a reputation for being both super sugary and a bit of a sassy tough girl — I don’t claim or deny either one!), and wanted to get ‘cream puff’ somewhere on my hands. […] Simple and sweet, but I feel like this piece is another that represents my personality and will make me smile every time i see it! Standing alone, each hand definitely makes me giggle: My naughty hand and my smoking hand.”

Ohhhhhh. Well … that makes sense.

(Tattoos by Maura Cole at Columbus Tattoo Company in Columbus, Ohio.)

39 thoughts on “Smokin’ From Shootin’

  1. haha americans make me laugh(sorry it’s laughing in a good way…hehe smiling is fun:P). most places i’ve been that speak english underwear in general are pants, knickers are womens underwear (not strings) and trousers are the full length thingies that everyone wears on their legs yey (pants? hehe).
    yeh posessed is probabaly birtish yey.
    oh and woupie…I like cream puffs 😀

  2. Kecks? Grundies? What are these things thou speakst of?!
    They sound like ingredients to some Shakespearian-witch-conocted foul brew.

    But back to the pictures… the tattoos are lovely.
    I’m really curious about her hairstyle though!

  3. tits or gtfo. jk, cool pics though. sex is so cool. and so are those tattoos. smoking comes in a close 3rd.

  4. Kecks are trousers, I never heard of grundies.

    I say panties for girly pants.

    The tattoos are awesome, very cool. I want a picture with fists together so it reads!

  5. the lettering is alright, nicely done but the lines underneath are definately making my brain vomit… just not my style i guess… those panties look scrumptious… cupcakes, vaginas and tattoos… yay

  6. i love how people go on this faaaaan*fcking*tastic website to argue over which is the “correct” word to use for a specific object.

    yay people.

  7. Lady (#20) if you’re curious about my hairstyle, check out my iam bme page, my name is shuggabee.. but it’s just a simple mohawk.

    & thanks for all the lovely comments! and i call them; panties, underwear, underoos, or skivvies!

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