Souls to Burn

Here’s a little known fact: Dan DiMattia of Calypso Tattoo is not actually a tattoo artist. Weird, right? Because you’ve seen all these beautiful things that he claims to have tattooed? Never. Not once has he tattooed a person. You know how he tipped his hand? “His” “pieces” are too good. No human being could actually produce tattoos that gorgeous. Either Dan DiMattia is some sort of space creature, or he is in league with magicians and/or witches who just make these works of art appear. These are obviously the only two reasonable options to explain how he can consistently claim to produce such incredible work. (Actually, there’s a third option, one which involves me being a moron. Guess which one is correct! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.)

That’s it for today, ModBlog. Embrace the evening, and we’ll see you tomorrow.

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27 thoughts on “Souls to Burn

  1. Can I have money to go to Belgium?? I think I have to leave a thigh bare for one. So so beautiful.

    Not to be a shite – but I am betting on option 3 :D

  2. I love this guy’s work. Always amazing. Makes me seriously consider getting dotwork on myself in the future.

  3. wow. i mean…WOW!!!! amazing i love dan’s work, looks so good.

    there are some brilliant dotwork artrists in europe and i’m glad to live between two of them: calypso belgium and swastika freakshop germany. then maybe, one day…i can have a dream, right?

  4. Am I seeing right, that this is arm next to a stomache that is covered in black ink? btw, this looks great.

  5. #17 ddixonart says:
    There’s even one more word to add to the confusion: “Hedcut.” Pointillism seems to usually mean dots of COLORS that are placed near each other. When the viewer moves away from the artwork, the colors seem to blend. Stipple is usually black and white,
    u think u fuckin no it all and noones likes that here so dont post anymore

  6. bradly is right about the terms “pontillism” and “stippling”

    everyone else is right that this is a really really sweet tattoo, the gradations are amazing

  7. Jordan, I’m totally not showing this to Dan! We need to keep the alien humble! But thank you for posting it. I love when he does the dotwork skulls.

    Oh, and it’s actually against a black door background, not a black tummy. But that would be cool!


  8. Wow. I honestly don’t usually go for plain black and whites like this…

    but…wow. It’s gorgeous. I would go for a piece from this guy.

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