46 thoughts on “Can’t Sleep …

  1. Ooooh, facial piercings what a huge break from all the tattoos!

    This place used to be the spot to see THE coolest mods on the internet. Now it’s just another place to see some (more) tats and maybe a piercing or (gasp) the occasional suspension pic. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. to comment #6, k, if you want to see only “the coolest mods on the internet,” buy an unlimted membership for BME and browse just those photo galleries all the time. Modlblog is just a modification blog. and based on that, theres nothing wrong with the publishers posting anything in the modification related arena. so for that reason, this picture and everything else in here are totally appropriate.

    and anyways, this photo is beautiful. shes so cute! i like her big blue eyes.

  3. She’s cute! Im not really one to like the whole stretched nostril look, but I like it on her.

    And to comment on #6..I agree. The modblog has seemed a bit dry lately. But I guess you can’t say that without people getting defensive about it. Geez.

  4. Wow, this is fantastic. I have always love the look of the clear jewelry, with the black. don’t know why, i just love it, none the less.

    fantastic picture.

  5. She is totally cute! love the piercings!
    you know, this place used to be such a positive place for the modded community to meet and see some great mods.
    Now, we still have great pics but SO much negativity and snide’ness and just plain being dicks to be a dick. i wish some of these comments were bitched at by the moderators like back in the day…

  6. I love everything about this picture! At first glance I thought her septum & monroe were both part of the same large-gauge CBR, with a black ring and silver ball, which would look pretty cool… but as it is her face & mods are gorgeous.

  7. i dont usually dig the stretched nostrils but they look good. the thought of stretching my own makes me want to hurl. am i the only person in the whole world who sincerely believes that nostril piercings are the most painful of them all??? surely not. but they are!!!!

  8. #30/freedomhangs – I thought the same thing and actually didn’t realise they weren’t until I read your comment! Either way it looks awesome. I’ve started to really like the look of a philtrum piercing with a septum ring and it’s making me think more and more about piercing my philtrum…

    Also, she has beautiful eyes. They dominate her face much more than her piercings do, I think.

  9. message to Psychoclown: you are beautiful. my life would be complete following one very fancy dinner with you. in a nice restaurant.
    im creepy…

  10. I was just looking at this the other day and thinking about how good looking this woman was. All of a sudden, she is modblogged.

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