Fall Upon Your Heart

More stunning work from Iestyn at Diamond Jacks Tattoo and Piercing in London, England, who is just killing it right now. (More from him here.)

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49 thoughts on “Fall Upon Your Heart

  1. I can honestly say this doesnt happen often, but I’m really fucking impressed. I love it.

  2. i don’t know why but those little holes give me the freakin’ heebie jeebies…

    the work is amazing though.

  3. looks crooked cause his weight is shifted, nipples dont line up. All in all a very lovely piece

  4. #8 – same here, not sure why. but i can only imagine the amazing texture that they will produce once healed.

  5. @ 8 & 16


    fear of clusters of holes. just be sure to never look at the lotus seed breast picture.

  6. Ahhhhhhhh!

    I love the lotus, but the little dots literally make my skin crawl. I didn’t know it was called trypophobia! I’ve seen the lotus boob before, and its always made me sick.

  7. You don’t wanna look up lotus boob. You really don’t… but if you can’t resist now, a google for “lotus breast snopes” will get you the best picture with an explanation of how the photoshop was done, and the bogus urban legend that went with it.

    Basically it’s a lotus seed pod in winter photoshopped onto a breast, but the result is VERY. VERY. DISTURBING.

    It’s interesting that I did see this piece and thought of that just a biiiit, if it heals as just dots with less divot-factor it’ll probably be okay. But wow, others in here all thought of that same picture too! It’s famous…

    I really do like the flower.

  8. Oh my god I definately have trypophobia. I remember being younger and I had this little sculpture with holes in it and it made me sick to my stomach. Jesus and I hate even thinking of lotus boob, it gets stuck in my head…and ughhh my skin is crawlingggg

  9. I never heard of “trypophobia” until just now and I’ve googled it. Interesting to read so many similar responses.

    With me, that infamous picture is absolutely disturbing, but forever it seems I don’t like little organic waffly things, some hole patterns definitely qualify, or thin webby patterns of undisturbed algae, or the inside of gourds and pumpkins with all those strings in there… makes me want to just scratch the pattern away, disturb it, tear it down.

    And yeah, that picture… someone just mentions a related WORD and it’s all seared in there! Whoever made that thing is genius… a demented genius!

  10. OMGGGGG i looked up the damn lotus seed breast picture and i feel sick to my stomach. whoever photoshopped that is the devil, haha.

    i don’t think i’ll ever get that picture outta my head… and the fact that it’s not just holes.. there something inside those holes. *shivers*

  11. I think I’ll just leave it then. : ) And since I have never been mentally scarred by lotus boob, I like the little circles on this.

  12. Beautiful scar, I didnt Mind Lotus boob, and i didnt even know it was photoshopped till after i saw it lol.. /shrug

  13. lotus boob freaked me out (and i saw it like 2 years ago) , and so does this scarification. nice work, but eww

  14. i was expecting to see a photoshopped 3d lotus bloom cut out of a boob or something along those lines..

    my mind must be sick.. haha

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  16. You really need to post a healed photo of this. It looks proper awesome and a bit less lotus boobies of wrong!

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