Keys to the Church

Can Opener scarification by Brian Decker

You see a cutting like this and it makes you curious about the person wearing it. Are they an alcoholic in the 1920s, or maybe just a big fan of pineapple juice? A bartender, or a no-holds-barred street brawler? A Luddite decrying the newfangled electric pursuits of our modern world, or simpzzzzzzzzz OH, hey, you should probably just ignore me and admire the handiwork of Brooklyn’s favorite son, Brian Decker of Pure Body Arts.

14 thoughts on “Keys to the Church

  1. I’m pretty sure she said it was a can opener. Or, maybe it was a spork. I can’t remember for sure now.

  2. I thought it looked like a spanner…
    but i can see the cat in it now too.
    love it either way… XD

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