Better Alive Than Dead

IAM: Cuntcumber, self-portrait (with antlers)

IAM: cuntcumber has been proudly displaying his mug on his hilarious chestpiece for a while now, but the bar has officially been raised. Why does he have antlers? I don’t know. Why do birds sing in the morning? Why do mangos taste the way they do? When life gives you a gift, you don’t question it.

(Tattoo by Matt Lukesh at Seppuku Tattoo in Savannah, Georgia.)

56 thoughts on “Better Alive Than Dead

  1. i will be interested to look at this tattoo in several decades when he has aged visibly

  2. I believe he is referring to the guy’s face, He’s going to look older but have a tattoo of a portrait of himself as a young man, the effect will be different than it is now.

    I really don’t think that was a “tattoos look bad when you’re old” comment, I would also find it interesting.

    reminds me of Steve-O’s self portrait back piece!

  4. #3 I don’t think he means the tattoo will fade/wrinkle more his real facial traits will age with him then he will be left with his younger-self tattooed on him. That will actually be rather funny if you ask me.

  5. hahahhaa, I love it. When he’s say 70 years old the tattoo should age with him. LOVE IT!

  6. @11: Yeah, that makes sense. Why doesn’t it say he’s featured previously? I was totally having a freaky deja vu right there. Still cute guy, still awesome tattoo. ^_^

  7. i loved this the first time it was posted. with the antlers, i love it even more. amazing.

  8. This is one of the best tattoo’s I’ve ever seen! I LOVE how the facial expression is exactly the same. I, too would be interested in seeing this once he’s aged a few (30?) years. The contrast would be striking.

  9. Silly mod bloggers, Asians don’t age.
    At least not when it matters and people still mistake me for jail bait… grr.

    That tattoo is gonna make for some interesting sex encounters.

    But its soooooo awesome.

  10. egotist.
    crappy idea — good execution I suppose… just endlessly lame.
    This reminds me of something you’d see at “indie pop dance night”

    Not tough. Too fruity.

  11. Oh, I’m so happy that tat-blog is now so utterly bereft of cool content that it’s started to repeat itself.

    I wish tat-blog would become mod-blog again, but I guess without shanon around it’s just never going to be cool again.

  12. Really cool tattoo! The only think is in Brazil, for instance, there is an analogy between deer and being gay. :o(

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