Gnaked Wars

Click through to see Rafa‘s naked war photo in all it’s sculpted glory. Just remember kids, don’t believe everything you see on the television..

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20 thoughts on “Gnaked Wars

  1. i love how you censored micheal angelos davids penis out,
    all the things we see on modblog and the worlds most famous marble winky is censored lol!

  2. Why were you gone Roo???

    I love love love the black work on his arm. Who is the talented artist and can I kidnap him and force him to tattoo my entire body?!

  3. Its a good picture, and quite clever with the penis thinger, but tis no naked war photo, you can see boxers poking at the bottom left hand side. Still…

  4. Perhaps a stupid question, but – if you have your lip stretched large like that, I presume you always have to wear a plug/disk in it? I’ve seen some people with really stretched ears go empty and just have the loop hanging, but was just curious…

    I also like the black work on the arm. It reminds of some dyed cloth I have, similar negative space clean lines.

  5. I really like his facial tattoos, and pink dreads. I just can’t get used to the really large lip plates. But, To each their own.

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