All the better to carry you with, my dear.

Good morning ModBlog! Why not skip your coffee and take a look at this photo of Ashley and her pair of lip piercings instead. It’ll have you wired in no time..

When I get bored I stick things in my holes (not like that, you perverts)

See more in Double and Multi-Labrets (Lip Piercing)

31 thoughts on “All the better to carry you with, my dear.

  1. @ ChrisFromFrance
    Can’t imagine that, either
    And i can’t imagine how it feels to smile, etc. with that.

  2. She’s very pretty, and I love the eyes…I bet she’s got a gorgeus smile, too. I worry the lip thing would stop us seeing it.

  3. I have a feeling she doesn’t keep it in for extended periods of time. The amount of facial movement that would limit would be really annoying, I think. I doubt she’d even be able to really pucker for a kiss.

    Nifty idea for a photo opp though.

  4. she said herself “When I get bored I stick things in my holes…” so i think she just did it for the photo
    anyhoo it is a nice photo, and yay roo hasnt posted in ages! go roo

  5. woohoo! ive been modblogged! *dances*

    i had it in for no more than 10 minutes. the back of the wire kept scratching my teeth and gums. plus it was hard to talk. haha

  6. Sarita – I believe it’s a length of wire.

    wayne – I’m still here, just happily busy with BMEvideo and other things. Jordan’s doing a superb job, three cheers!

  7. thank you Roo!

    I love when people stick stuff through their piercings, puts a smile of my face! All I can manage is grass blades in my seppie =[

    Yayy Ashley =]

  8. Roo, i posted in another thread as well where the girl has the pencils in her ears. any chance of getting a section of BME of people putting things in their piercings like pool cues, pencils, straws, wangs, etc? seems like there are a lot of pics like that here. why not make a hole (hole, get it?) section?

  9. I agree with spedoape. I love seeing pictures of people with random things in their piercings.

    safe things at least… (I wouldn’t want to see anyone with poop in their ear or something I think would cause an infection)

  10. (I wouldn’t want to see anyone with poop in their ear or something I think would cause an infection)

    2 Girls, 1 earlobe?

  11. ok, i emailed Roo and the new catagory “stuffing your holes” or whatever you want to call it he cant do. he isnt in charge of it. so, wangs in earlobes and stuff like that are going to be scattered. unless! we can find out who to ask to make a kickass catagory like that!

  12. so its not long term jewellery?
    aww. ya i never thought about how hard it would be to smile, talk, i.e. any facial movements lol to bad though it looks really cool!

  13. Ashley is so beautiful, the make up only augments her naturally pretty face. But damn, does she ever do a great job of it! I would kill to have skills like that lol

  14. what’s the deal with her chin? it looks like someone tried to photoshop a blemish or something.

  15. This looks like it would put awkward pressure on the piercings. I’m not a big fan of this look or surface weaving in general. But I think her eye makeup is stunning!!! ;)

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