20 thoughts on “Fourteen-Year Vacation

  1. i’m so not in favor of the nipple-nosed wolf. it just looks….dumb, i’m sorry. bleh.

    also i kind of feel like i’ve seen this design on some checks….it’s well-done, but not original. not living up to its potential, imho.

  2. Not quite my thing, but its a nice tattoo.

    I don’t like the pierced nipple wolf nose. It sort of makes the whole tattoo seem like a joke.

  3. Using the nipple in the piece was pretty clever. I think it looks better then the nipple on the other side, which just kind of hangs out in the grass.

  4. The article on eagle tats is funny as hell, the same could be said about ‘british bulldog’ tattoos over here. They give you +10 to strength and a +8 general hardness bonus.

  5. I think the pierced nipple-nose wolf is genius, and nobody who has read that article could say a bad word about an eagle tattoo ever again :p More lols than a “go f*** urself and stfu” tattoo anyday XD

  6. Small gauge jewelry in anything makes me cringe, especially nipples.

    Can you tattoo over nipples?

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