I Wait for the Signs, They Tell Me True

I know what you’re thinking, and I’m inclined to agree: I kind of wish we could see more of his tattoos, too. You’re on notice, Renato.

(Tattoos by Ramon Mendoza at Quality Tattoo in Lima, Peru.)

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20 thoughts on “I Wait for the Signs, They Tell Me True

  1. I agree, I love his eyebrows just the way they are; they suit him, and expression and tattoos.

  2. hehe, you love his *eyebrow

    I love how he doesn’t have stretched lobes, interesting how that has become unique in our community.

  3. Face on the right arm seems to be a take on one of Giger’s paintings, the one for the artwork for the game Darkseed.

  4. i would love to see more of the actual subject matter… the tattoos.. He’s not bad, but ya know.

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