Modified Footage and Cast Request

Rebecca needs you!

“I’m currently casting for a short abstract experimental film on the body and body modification for my masters project, I’m a piercer and I’ll also be filming stuff with Samppa Von Cyborg on the side.

What I’m after is heavily modified people based in the United Kingdom to feature in the film, it’s not a documentary, it’s going to be really arty and cool (a script is currently being written up).

I have no budget but I can travel within the UK for the right footage. It’s all being filmed in HD and burned with blu-ray so it’s gonna be good! All contributors will receive credits and a copy of the film, once it’s complete I’m looking to submit the final product to film festivals et cetera.. Exciting!

To cut to the chase, I’m looking for VERY modified people who would be willing to be in this film for free/and also looking for any footage of your modifications you might like to donate.

I can be reached at the following email address – [email protected]

So get rummaging through your hard drives, check your schedules and help the girl out!

3 thoughts on “Modified Footage and Cast Request

  1. I worked with this girl for a short time, i think? if its the same one, shes realy cool and realy enjoys what she does, so if anyone could help her out, that would be awsome. Im gunna try :)

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