Splish Splash Splosh Sushpension.

The following clip might be short, but what’s important is that it’s short and wet! That’s much more fun than it being long and dry..

You hot mommas and sexy poppas know what I’m talking about, right?

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My requests for details about this footage must have fallen on wet ears (I’ll try sonar next time) but maybe someone watching this will recognise the group and let me know so I can give them the creditz they deserve, failing that hopefully it will stir up the water that’s inevitably on the brain of the suspendee.

$end = badwaterpuns($array);


24 thoughts on “Splish Splash Splosh Sushpension.

  1. i bet there from Brazil. and wow… its so incredible… and yikes.. and I’m jealous and SO MANY EMOTIONS. Makes me hate bland ‘everythings illegal’ Winnipeg.

    more reasons to hate brazilions! (possibly) them with their unarguably beautiful suspensions.

  2. That looks like sooo much fun. I’d go back on my vow not to suspend anymore just to try that out in some warm beautiful place!

  3. this video made my loins quiver… And I don’t even have loins…

    I almost didn’t watch it… Then I saw Roo’s name and felt abandoned by him lately (on modblog that is).

    So I clicked… I’m very happy I did…

  4. god that squigged me out a bit at first while he’s just pulling on his hooks, even though i’ve suspended a couple of times it still made me shudder, but then when he let go and swung it looked like sooo much fun!

    Good to see you back Roo!

  5. Yeah, I bet they’re Brazilian too… Sound quality’s not great but it does sound as though they’re speaking Portuguese. Awesome video – nice variation on the good old fashioned rope swing into a pond!

  6. That’s pretty cool, but is it not incredibly risky getting lake/pond/puddle water in the hook holes?

  7. I shudder to think what would have happened if one of the hooks wasn’t in proper and it ripped out well he was swinging over that lake.

  8. #17 – me too.. just like when your swinging high on a swing you lift up slightly off the seat when you reach the highest point. something like that could happen with things like this, for example the hooks could slip out/rip out of the peircing, unless they are lock-able hooks

  9. mommas and poppas! No apostraphe! The mommas and the poppas in that sentance aren’t possessing anything.

  10. I am in video
    and who made this work, was sick, the gnome, the valnei, pedro among other great professionals

    Mairiporã, SP, Brazil ….16/11/2008

    and for sure this was a great experience

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