23 thoughts on “It Has a Song, It Has a Sting

  1. Yawn. Another set of wings on someone’s back? Yeah, it’s well done. But it’s been so overdone that I’m kinda sick of seeing it. In fact, I’m surprised people keep getting these done. It’s like getting a barbed wire bracelet or a tribal symbol.

  2. It lets my breath stop for a moment, this is the most beautiful tattoo ive ever seen of the Swastika-Freakshop. And ive ever seen of all tattoos around here.
    Theres no better way to adorn her back, and i cant understand why the meaning of overdone things? isnt it every persons arbitration, Never mind how often some motives done or not, the bottom line is the way something is done. and this one is fucking great done. cant let my eyes away from it!

  3. yes the pattern is complete done in dotwork, at the first step with grey dots, than to become the effect of clouds with black dots in some area, and the last step was bright grey shadow to become the effect more animated!

  4. This woman is soooo beautiful, her tattoes adore her so much. and i mean all of them, theres just a way of true harmonic, that Marc tattoed her body. I love the stuff. Thanx for showing it here!

  5. It is true, the wings on the back are becoming a popular tattoo…. but who am I to talk, I have two koi carp in my sleeve design… because I have loved Koi since before I even considered a tattoo… and they are MY koi, with names, and stories. Just as these are HER wings, and very beautifully done wings I must say!!

  6. It’s pretty hard to be original, I am no creative genius so I am sure I will be stealing ideas when I eventually get inked.
    But these wings are awesome.

    I think they would be nicer without the writing, but you cant have everything the way you want it.

  7. i think they’re gorgeous!people should get tattooed what pleases them and not having to pay attention to who had something like it done before.how many people have flames, swallows,tribals,cat paws ect ect. ! who cares as long as it’s nicely done!

  8. Up there with the most beautiful wings I’ve ever seen! Marc’s work always looks so incredible, I’ll have to go to Germany and get tattooed by him one day! I think it’s absolutely unimportant that wings are a common motif – these are absolutely beautiful, incredibly well-done and, I would argue, original in their design. I think it’s quite offensive to compare this piece to some 16-year-old’s poorly done tribal on the lower back. (By which I don’t mean to suggest that I look down on anyone’s tattoos, but this is so obviously not the same thing as picking a piece of flash off the wall on a whim!)

  9. I didn’t know wing back pieces were popular… I thought it was just tattoos in general that’d gotten overdone. Maybe it was just Livia’s attitude that’d gotten overdone. Maybe the world will never know…

    Marc’s work makes me so damn happy. Up the freakshop!

  10. she is such a beautiful woman, i love the way she decoreate her body, all is perfectly done. And iam sure that she had found in Marc the perfect man to do all this fucking great stuff for her, and i would be very happy to see more of Marcs stuff on her great body

  11. on teh internetz there are some rules:
    1. if there is a comment button, at least one person has to flame the post
    2. at least one person has to flame the flamer
    3. at least one person has to point out the obvious (that’d be me)

    her tattoos look amazing. i don’t have too much experience with swastika freakshop, but everything i’ve seen of theirs is outstanding! keep up the good work guys.

  12. Hey back up folks. I wasn’t aware that sharing my honest opinion was flaming. I didn’t shout, I didn’t insult anyone, I didn’t even swear. I wasn’t denigrating the tattoo itself. As I originally stated it is it well done. In fact, it’s quite beautiful. And if it is of profound importance to the individual then I’m all for it. My point was that so many people seem to have wings on their backs that it’s becoming cheesy or cliche. Maybe I spend too much time looking at tattoos online and have just seen my fill.

    And yes RooRaaah I have neglected to share any of my own ink. Mostly because I a)don’t have a working digital camera, b)the two pictures I have aren’t that good but more importantly because my tattoos are small, tiny in fact, and just aren’t up to snuff compared to most of what I’ve seen on BME. And I’ll remove the few BME images, I’ve only got a few on my blog so it won’t be problem. I probably should have known better to begin with but the collection of images on BME is so extensive and impressive I guess I just gave in to temptation.

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