I’m a Lot Like You Were

Javier Jade at Arte Sagrado in Lima, Peru, went on an absolute rampage at this year’s International Bodyart and Tattoo Convention in Lima, picking up a handful of awards for his work. Somehow not for the one above, mind you, but check after the jump for a couple of winners.

The old man’s face won “Best of the Day,” while the child’s face won “Best Realistic.” Deservedly so!

18 thoughts on “I’m a Lot Like You Were

  1. Realism looks so odd when your trying to replicate skin on a skin medium. Really awesome work!

  2. there is somethign about hands touching hte face like trying to form realism flesh ontop of real skin, thats talent but i also have to say that little girl also looks very odd way like trying to look liek a famous super star

  3. i would love to see the actual picture of the young kid.. that eye… it looks so odd….

    and now i know who to go to when i want portraits of my grandparents! nice work.. congratulations….

  4. @someone else – the little girl looks like she is from photographer Jill Greenberg’s series of crying children.

  5. the first two tattoos will look even better when the skin gets older.

    ja and the girls mouth looks weird to me. like a plastic onion ring

  6. Excellent work!
    Though the girl’s mouth looks like she just came out from having her lips made, and her eyes shows effects of weed.
    I’m not fan of portrait tattooing, but this guy’s definitely awesome

  7. Portraits always look weird to me, but this guy is one of the best probably.

    The little girl is sort of like one of Jill Greenberg’s photos:


    Just with the hands moved around. I’m going to assume that he probably did it without a reference, which makes it more amazing.

  8. omg that childs ear is peirced! child abuse! must be why shes crying…
    no im not serious at all actually
    very well done tats, i dig it

  9. even though they are shaded VERY well, overall there are things that bother me….the cheek in the first picture, the lips/eye in the child..

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