LULZ! I Haz Bottle Neck!

Picture 1: Helping a friend with some portfoliowork. Credit goes to Ylva Holm Torsteinson!! I got my septum in San Francisco… Some place. Cute piercer. Rawr. Lobes 12mm. Way too small ):

Picture 2 (click through): Eating “lunch” in France at a huge photojournalist festival. Gah. Amazing. The same septum as in picture 1… Still got it in San Francisco (Mom’s Body Shop). The piercer was hot. GRRRR!

27 thoughts on “LULZ! I Haz Bottle Neck!

  1. love the septum and her eyes are gorgeous..

    Hopefully Roo might see this comment.
    I’m formerly a member of BME, Just need to upload some more mods but found this hilarious article on tattoo meanings.. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything more retarded..

    apologies for the massive link, but it’s worth the laugh

  2. fuck you dean farrar, she’s adorable! what redheads have you been hanging out with? carrot top?

  3. lol i love the way everyone trys haveing ago at me because it doesnt eliminate the fact that she is ugly

    its like calling a fat person fat and them crying

    o so your not fat then ?

    shes ugly and me calling her ugly isent me being mean its her being naturally ugly

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