Two Barrels of Tears

As far as Phil and I can reckon, that yellow mass is indeed a bruise covering that fellow’s chest. I guess that’s what you get when you let a baby rhinoceros charge you at full speed. Or when you let Quentin from Kalima in Worthing, U.K., give you a set of subdermal implants, I guess. Hey, I’m not a doctor.

(Straight-ahead shot, after the jump.)

20 thoughts on “Two Barrels of Tears

  1. woot! this reminds me of when my piercer ran into some unexpected problems when doing an anchor on my chest. the bruise ended up being about 15 times the size of the piercing and that nice yellow color. good luck to him

  2. I thought it might have been iodine without reading the caption.
    NOW the word OUCH is echoing in my mind.

  3. i was thinking it was iodine too but i think its slightly the wrong color now that i think about it but a bruise damn that has to hurt

  4. Yeah i have to say they hurt!!!
    I didnt expect to be up on this page. I think i bruise to easily, i have posted pictures of some recent genital beads i had done. It looks like it has been shut in a car door. I will add them to my IAM page when i have worked on it a bit more.

  5. this is intense.
    i can imagine that this is real though, my chest bruised a HUGE amount after i only got one dermal on my chest.
    looks sweet though.
    good luck with the healing!

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  7. its iodine. just had hand surgery and my whole left hand looked like that for about a day and a half.

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