Full Coverage: Links From All Over (Dec. 11, 2008)

Photo source: The Sporting Blog

[The Sporting Blog] Spencer Hall over at the TSB checked in this morning with a tale of intrigue and deceit (and poor decision-making) that could only have occurred within the confines of collegiate sports. Kirby Freeman signed with the Miami Hurricanes a little while back and, in an attempt to assert his devotion to the team, got the team’s “U” logo tattooed on his back. Well, as Hall writes, sometimes these things aren’t meant to be. Things were going well …

Until now! (DUH-DUH-DAAAAAAHHH.) Freeman transferred to Baylor after losing his starting QB job, and has had the tattoo changed to either a zero or an “O” for “Ohmigod, that is one lopsized zero. Did you play for Oregon?”


This reminder that a scholarship is four years, but a tattoo is for life comes from The Sporting Blog.

Sound advice!

[Intelligencer] Ha ha, so apparently all the children in Belleville, Ontario, have taken up the time-honored tradition of good old-fashioned cigarette smoking, and some of the elders are displeased. A youth activism group, Unfiltered, has taken up the task of weaning these kids off smoking by handing out temporary tattoos, apparently? At this point, this article takes a delightful turn wherein the townspeople become very concerned that this trickery could actually lead to the young’ns wanting real tattoos, which would be at least as bad as them smoking a pack a day, probably.

“People have been smoking forever, but we just found out that it’s not healthy,” Dolan said. “People have had tattoos forever, maybe it’s going to take us a longer term to find out it’s not healthy.”

Dolan told the board he has been told permanent tattoos put a strain on the body because some of the ink enters the individual’s bloodstream and is then filtered through the body. This, he said, puts an extra strain on some organs.

Dr. Richard Schabas, medical officer of health, said he was not aware of any medical problems linked to tattoos. The only concerns, he said, would be with the needles used to inject the ink. If those needles are not properly sanitized there can be infection problems.

Schabas said the health unit does carry out routine inspections of tattoo parlours in the area. However, he told Dolan there may be some validity to his concern.

“As a matter of policy, I’m not sure we should be encouraging tattoos,” he said.

Schabas said using temporary tattoos to appeal to children is an understandable tactic but may need to be re-examined.

“You walk a fine line here, Bob. You want to relate to kids but, on the other hand, we want to ask ourselves if we want to normalize a behaviour that, maybe, we don’t want to,” he said.

First of all, yes, we “just found out” cigarettes aren’t healthy, what, yesterday? Sixty years ago? Whatever. Anyway, this whole thing makes my brain collapse in on itself. How old are these kids that are smoking? If they’re over the age of 10, I don’t think the temporary tattoo offensive is going to have much success, sadly. But at least the Belleville town council is doing its part to combat the “normalizing” of Pagan dick-choppery like tattoos and such. Can you imagine what it would be like to live in a world where people thought it was OK to get tattoos? Terrifying.

[NY Post] Continuing this election season’s trend of all candidates (and their families) engaging in ritualistic anti-American ink-jamming, as they call it, Caroline Kennedy, one of the front-runners to fill Hillary Clinton’s vacant Senate seat, apparently has a miniscule tattoo on her forearm that nobody had ever noticed until the New York Post realized they were short a column the other day. It is apparently a butterfly but it may as well be a birthmark or a bruise — it is seriously barely there. Naturally, though, because she is a Kennedy, and there is always some sort of sordid tale behind everything those freaks do, this is not just some innocuous splotch of ink:

Kennedy got the tattoo while vacationing with her family in Asia during the late 1980s.

During a night out in Hong Kong, Caroline, her brother, John F. Kennedy Jr., and her cousins Edward “Teddy” Kennedy Jr., 47, and Kara Anne Kennedy, 48, challenged one another with a mischievous dare, a source said, noting that the group had consumed a few drinks.

The boys challenged the girls to get a late-night “tat” at a nearby parlor.

Caroline and Kara went first and emerged “bruised and bloodied,” emblazoned with butterflies on their arms.

But when it came time for Teddy and John Jr. to reciprocate, the men “chickened out,” refusing to go through with the dare, the source said.

When reached for comment, Kennedy corrected the horrible newspaper, and said she actually got the tattoo on a dare from Governor David Paterson, thereby securing Clinton’s Senate seat. Ha ha, timely references.

[Twitter] Hey, did you know BME has its own Twitter feed? True story! If you like BME, but don’t feel like it’s quite pithy enough for you, add us! And while you’re at it, head on over to BME Shop! The holidays are fast approaching, and there’s no better present for grandma than one o’ them split cock T-shirts. And keep on sending in your photos of you decked out in BME gear and jewelry!

[YouTube] This one’s a little on the esoteric side, but do you know BME mainstay and perpetual image-leaderboard contender Perk900? (Of course you do.) Well, some time ago, he apparently worked at Blockbuster Video and was the subject of a short film, which you can see below. Did someone say Cable Ace Award?

26 thoughts on “Full Coverage: Links From All Over (Dec. 11, 2008)

  1. lulz, because tattooing has only been around since the dawn of civilization. We can’t possibly know if it’s dangerous or not.

  2. HAHA I work at Blockbuster and that is so how it is! Gah, people are just so lazy when it comes to picking out their movies and then bitch at us for a late fee that was their fault! And the guys working reminded me of some of my co-workers.

  3. “… some of the ink enters the individual’s bloodstream and is then filtered through the body.”

    My friend’s grandma tried to tell me that XD

  4. I worked at Blockbuster for two years and quit when they started trying to enforce the ‘one piercing per ear’ policy. That job has given me the best customer service and patience skills I could ever learn. I have never looked back since quitting.

  5. Ummm, he compeltely let that guy rent a video under someone elses account.

    But regardless, LOOK HOW SKINNY BRIAN WAS!

  6. Ah! I work at a video store and it makes me feel good to see stuff like this so I know I’m not alone. Blockbuster is our main competition too, so it’s cool that they’ve gone through the same shit I do.

  7. That movie perfectly sums up how shitty it is to work at a movie rental place and reminded me why I quit that job such a long time ago. He did leave out the part where a customer walks up to you, asks for a french film because they’re going to france in a month, you spend forever trying to find them the appropriate movie, the customer comes back and screams at your boss the next day about how you should get fired because ZOMG! AMELIE HAS LIKE TWO SECONDS OF SEX!!! (I mean seriously, Who doesn’t like that movie? That movie is the closest you can get to a movie full of cuteness and happy fluffy bunny rabbits – aside from the opening credits to “Everything you always wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask”)The next time he came in, he didn’t recognize me (big surprise), so I recommended Belle du jour :-b. I quit my job pretty quickly after that.

  8. Omg, I’m an assistant manager at Blockbuster, and this happens ATLEAST three times a day. It’s the most obnoxious (and hilarious) thing in the world.

  9. Cere: that was five years ago… Being that skinny was awesome…

    And i’m glad i don’t work there anymore because that video would have definitely got me fired… Luckily now they can only sue me…

  10. LOL. <3 Brian. And the best part is, my work is exactly the same way. It seems whatever you do in retail you meet someone exactly like this person at least a few times each shift. And only a few times if you are lucky.

  11. i fucking loved the movie. really great for everyone whose ever had to work retail! i esspecialy loved the whirring vacum that wasnt plugged in. lmao!

  12. I knew this city was bad didn’t know that bad.Currently I live in Belleville, Ontario.The entire town is all old people.I Can’t stand it anything out of the “norm” is worth staring at disapproving.

    If there going to smoke.Then they are going to smoke.

  13. Oh, Gutti, what a douche bag in real life, too.

    I have SOOOOO been to that BB, mainly to rip them off on whatever deals they may have been running and I could take advantage of.

    And this video reminds me of my intolerably long tenure at a video sales store. Brian and Katie know exactly which one I speak of…

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