My Dreamboat’s Leaving on a Submarine

Did anyone else look at this cutting by John Durante out of Laughing Buddha in Seattle, Washington, and think, “Hey, Tom Brady‘s getting some permanent eyeblack! Nice!” No? Nobody? Not even a li— fine, I’ll show myself out.

29 thoughts on “My Dreamboat’s Leaving on a Submarine

  1. he really looks like tom brady x| the eye black scarification was a really god ideia..he looks really good with them.i’m hoping to see them healed.
    oh…and i’ve notice the really funny tag lines jordan is putting up these days xD that makes me laugh really hard

  2. Haha, he looks like he belongs in a post-apocalyptic group of punkesque survivors after the world ran out of gasoline or water or zombies took over.

    Still, he’s ridiculously lovely. i like it

  3. My goodness, I absolutely adore his piercings. They are suit him so well and are just perfectly placed. I think the tiny jewellry is a nice touch.

    I want to see more of him!

  4. gaah.. call me! ;)

    very nice, the piercing in the middle of the nose-tip looks a little bit weird but i’m not the one to complain, he is soooooo handsome *drool*

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