39 thoughts on “Of Course There’s a Click-Through

  1. We don’t really have any close-ups but his piercings sure do look well maintained. Usually I’m not too excited about male genital piercings, but these seem to really compliment him.

  2. jesusfuckingchrist… does this guy just have huge fucking junk? it looks flacid, but its big as hell

  3. Yes, I too wear my cockring while fishing! What a coinkydink!

    hah what a random situation. I really want to know the story behind that one, also before the clickthrough I had no idea why that picture was on modblog.

  4. not to be ignorant or anything, but doesn’t that thing around his ball sac cut off circulation and possibly get him in trouble?(as in “we’ll have to cut ur balls off” trouble)

    I’m sure the question sounds dumb, but i’ve heard about people who tied shit around their balls and ended up in the emergency room. Wondering how this is different

  5. the 7th comment was about his upside down rod btw, incase people commenting that nobody else commented on it hasn’t read the other comments (which they obviously didn’t)
    his junk is huge and I’m pretty sure the thing around his balls is more of a weight and isn’t really cutting off circulation too badly.
    nice junk, but that’s about it lol

  6. That old perv was probably a young perv at some point, which would have lead to comments like “ow ow! whistle whistle!” etc. He is surprisingly pert and supple looking for an older dude who is not in peak physical condition, and all that hardware he has collected is impressive. Props to that guy, I say!

  7. I guessed wrong this time.
    I was pretty sure there would have a fishhook in his genitals in the click-through…

  8. I can’t stop staring… and I’m not a big OHGODBALLSGIMMESOME girl. But…. that is one well equipped fellow. And the piercings! Whew

  9. clearly none of you have ever fished much, some fishing poles are just like that, they are not upside down.

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