Diplomacy Died

This heartfelt memorial portrait was conceived to commemorate the life of a friend that was tragically cut short after he was sucked face-first into a black hole, the scene of which is horrifically rendered above, and — oh, wait, the pages were stuck together, this is the right story:

I stuck my face in the photocopier when it was slow at the shop and my buddy got it tattooed.

So … not all that horrific or tragic, actually. Glad to hear it. Photo of the original photocopy, after the jump.

(Tattoo by Rich at Silver Line Tattoo in Ottawa, Ontario.)

32 thoughts on “Diplomacy Died

  1. damn it, that is so stupid. i kind of hate tattooed people, because they see shit like this on modblog and think it’s funny or cool. yeesh. i hate that i get lumped in with this crap.

  2. wow, melissa. way to be hugely offended by stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with you. i hate tattooed people because they have senses of humour. i hate getting lumped in with those people. having a sense of humour is so fucking lame.

    it’s a cool tattoo — sort of random, but neat in this crazyweird way.

    my question is, who’s sophie?

  3. nevermind — for some reason i thought the tattoo was a portrait *of* the tattoo artist, but it’s not. amazing what following a few links will unveil.

  4. I love silly tattoos that aren’t crappily done. It’s the reason I got a few things put into my sleeve. Cos they make me smile.

  5. please tell me that anamorphic guy is kidding!
    and i kind of hate tattooed people because they get so stuck up about tattoos having to be incredibly deep and meaningful that they forget to have fun.
    funny ones are so much better and theyre usually much more personal because how many people would have it.
    dont hate, appreciate!

  6. I love it. At first I saw it and I was like aww man it looks weird because I didn’t read the story so Im like wow what a shit potrait. But it’s actually a dead on tattoo of the picture; goodddd shiettt. I really like the teeth :D

  7. perhaps #3 has been corrupted by miami/la ink and all the meaningful/boring/generic tattoos they feature on those shows. sh*t, she’s probably tired of all the normally dressed tattooed people too… considering we should probably all be wearing don ed hardy or sailor jerry brand clothing.

  8. i’m sophie !!!! i’m a piercer in a shop here in Ottawa, the shop is pretty slow lately because of the bad weather and because all the city buses are on strike so we thought it be halarious to decorate my buddy’s station with photocopies of all of the staff’s faces. after having to stare at these pictures for awhile my buddy (abby) wanted my face on her haha, i got her photocopied face on myself and i totaly think this is gonna be a new trend !! soo there will be more to come :)
    my user name on iam is pierced stuff but my acount hasnt been active lately (incase u were wondering who i am)… lol

  9. God damn, what is wrong with people on modblog lately? Seems like every day there’s someone with a stick up their ass. #3, how does this in any way shape or form offend you or “lump you with that crap”? Get a sense of humor and come back later.

  10. i personally think its very nicely done, and a unique idea. #3 has a better chance of getting “lumped in” with people who have completely boring, generic tattoos like nautical stars and astrological symbols.

  11. it just seems as if every tattoo that’s posted on here nowadays is some in-joke, which isn’t funny to the rest of us. you guys don’t seriously think that tattoos are steadily made more and more lame each day by crap like this, the zune guy, every stupid celebrity piece, every rainbow unicorn they show here on modblog? ugh. i’m not saying all my tattoos are some miami ink shit commemorating my dead great great great grandfather that fought in the revolutionary war, but really? “let’s photocopy each other’s faces and than ink that shit into our skin permanently?” i mean, come on. it’s just kind of lame. i’d take a shitty nautical star any day over this crap.

  12. I found this piece kinda funny, and pretty well done for what it is. Unlike Melissa would probably take it over a shitty nautical star XD But I also see some of her point. Not all heavily modded/tattooed people are in the mod/tattoo scene. Some of us have to survive in the ‘outside world’, which is full of narrow-minded f***wits who will judge you against what another group or individual has done, its called prejudice, and stereotyping….. See the thing is, I CHOSE to get tattooed and pierced, I knew then and there I would have to live the rest of my life being stereotyped. I knew it would (probably wrongly) change some people’s opinion of me. And anyone who says they thought any different when they were tattooed is either living under a rock or plain stupid. Sure some of the dumber crap I see on modblog pisses me off on occasion and I feel like it drags the rest of us down, sure I think Jordan should probably have his own blog called LOLTATZ hosted on icanhaschzburger.com but ya know… this is what we’ve got so, deal with it or don’t bother coming back XD

  13. if ya like it ya like it, if you don’t ya don’t

    the artist had a good time doing it and did a great job, we had some good laughs and that’s that i guess

    this isn’t anything worth spilling your heart out about.

  14. i just am seeing more and more often artists inking things on people that would make a funny illustration or a goofy thing to post on myspace for a month, but to hold in your skin forever? it’s just strange, to me. i have a full leg sleeve and most of it is traditional style work and none of it really means anything significant but it’s not like this. i guess i just don’t understand why someone would be willing to turn their body into a permanent inside joke based on a spur of the moment decision.

    it’s just that like #25 said, there are stereotypes out there, and it’s true that when we all decided to modify ourselves we made a decision not to quite fit in with the “status quo” and to fall into people’s stereotypes of us, but when the predominant blog on the subject of modification on the internet is touting this stuff as great work, well, then as a community, maybe we should be a little cheesed off. yeah, it’s the internet, but the web is becoming a more important source every day for understanding almost anything. this blog is how we represent ourselves to each other and to anyone who decides to find out what a modified person is into.

    and i’m sorry, i’m just not going to get a skin removal of a huge hard dick! i’m not one of those people, even if i am heavily tattooed! it’s not even a well done scarification. It’s not great work, it’s shit, and it’s “funny”, so it’s on modblog.

    And no, Sophie, there’s nothing inherently wrong with the work presented here. Yes, as a facsimile of the photocopied face, it’s great work for what it is. But I mean, it’s just “cute”– it’s not some epic backpiece or some incredible suspension, or an interesting new piercing, or even a new idea for something. It’s just some silly tattoo and it’s not really worth blogging about, you know?

  15. fuck that this tatt is awsome and so is the artist, ive seen alot of his work and he rules

  16. melissa, if you had taken the three seconds to click through on the dick skin removal, and read what the girl said about it, you’d know its not supposed to be a funny piece and is representative of her personal beliefs. GERROFFIT !!

  17. if people find it amusing, why shouldn’t it be blogged?? that’s one of the main reasons the internet is so popular – entertainment! human beings like to be entertained man.

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