28 thoughts on “Crazy on You

  1. is it wrong that when i saw this, i almost immediately thought it came out of swastika freak shop? It seems lately that palm tattoos (especially with stippling)=that studio.

  2. swastika freakshop does no color exept red and black…
    like that hand…very nice!

  3. i love it. pretty sure this is a blonde moment for me, but it must have stung quite a bit getting that.

  4. I’d be very interested in seeing how well this heals up. Of all the palm tattoos I’ve seen pics of (admittedly not a huge amount), none of them held up well. Hopefully this one will be an exception.

  5. alot of the colour dulls after the “scab”(for lack of a better term) comes off.. looks alot less crayon looking and more like a shading technique. So far it’s holding fine but it could all just disapear one day! 😛 poof gone lol

  6. I bet that would itch like hell healing as well. and you wouldn’t be able to do a whole lot while they’re healing for fear of knocking the ink out, right?

  7. I picked at it all the time and i work with my hands everyday…hands heal alot different than other places on the body..the ink is hard to knock out during healing but its also just as hard to get it in…

  8. am i the only one who’s never had a tattoo that itched? both of the ones on my calf muscles never itched except for p.t. in the morning after i got it the sweat and dirt and shit made it sting. other than that, it never hurt after getting it.

  9. I love palm tattoos! I want eyes tattooed on my palms. My sister saw someone with a palm tattoo that was healed, bright and flawless. She asked the girl how it stayed so well and the girl said that she got it redone and touched up over 10 times. I guess its all about persistance.

    I know that both times I got my lip tattoo it looked perfect at first and then *poof* it was all gone after a week. Now all I have left is a black smudgy thing in my inner lip. I wonder if after doing my inner lip 20 times it might stay

    pillpoppinfun, what do you mean? You dont like the tattoo? I think it looks great and I hope it stays.

  10. If anyone has the time, could you please post a link to the picture of this tattoo when it was just line work and background stippling? I thought I saw it here on Modblog, but I can’t find it for the life of me. Thanks.

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