The Stars at Night are Big and Bright

It was about time for Cody to get his first cutting, Charles reckoned, and what better way to jump in than with a big ol’ Texas shoot-em-up notched right on the boy’s hindparts? Mighty fine idea, I tell you what.

(Cutting by Charles Finnie at Eye of the Lotus in Edmonton, Alberta.)

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16 thoughts on “The Stars at Night are Big and Bright

  1. i don’t get it, that guy looks pretty white, why does he have a texas scar? (just kidding)

  2. I love charles <3 annnd Cody <3 annnd COdys ass <3 annnnd everything about ths picture. Way to go lovers!

  3. @Kate…i was going to say the same thing 😡 i know that’s a reference to deep in the heart of texas but it remind me of queen of pain from alkaline trio…

  4. #12,
    Antique pistols and Texas are a symbol of the old wild west and cowboys. Pioneers, gunslingers, and folklore of an earlier time. It’s part of Texas history just like the Alamo and longhorn cattle. Why would that bother you?

  5. lovely scarification.

    i hate the title you used for it though…after sitting through almost 4 months of rehearsal singing that song 5 nights a week then two months of performances 8 times a week—well i could never hear that song or see that song again and it would only be too soon…

    anyway lovely scarification, it looks like it healed rather nicely, if i do say so myself [and i do].

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