Throw Something Back

A while back, we featured this scarification by Ryan at Precision Body Arts in Nashua, New Hampshire — at the time, it was about three months old. The shot above is about two years later — the color has lightened, obviously, but the way it’s retained its shape and texture is pretty stellar.

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39 thoughts on “Throw Something Back

  1. I remember when this was posted the first time, and it’s still freaking awesome.

    Someone should get a foot print on their ass…ha… *is lame*

  2. that’s pretty hot!
    and i’ve gotta say, ive been to new hampshire (lived there very early on) and i didnt know that places like this existed there! haha

  3. That is so crazy looking! man!

    I may be like the biggest loser EVER bringing this up… but, does anyone else watch Supernatural.. cause that totally reminds me of the scar on Dean haha

  4. Ryan is the best. I will never ever go to anyone else to get work done, and he’s done all my piercings. Anyone in our area needs to visit his shop. This is definitely one of my favorite pieces by him.

  5. This is unbelievably incredible work. I have seen some great scar pieces and this is definitely one of my favorites! Just a very natural looking piece!

  6. hate me – i liked it better before, it was more colorfull
    …that doesnt mean that i dont like it now – its bloody impresive, i love it

  7. That healed so beautifully. I prefer it now that it’s white, it’s more subtle but it still jumps out at you.

  8. Totally fucking incredible. I remember it from the first time it was posted and it’s still my favourite piece. Looks even better now.

  9. I loved it the first time I saw it and I still think it’s my favorite modification I’ve seen on this site ever.

  10. Normally I really don’t like skin removals at all but this piece really made me change my mind about it.. It’s really awesome 😀

  11. amazing. i havent personally seen a scarification after this much time has passed, so i’m actually amazed that it held up so well.

  12. So I gotta be honest
    most of the times
    scarification kinda sends a shiver up my spine
    not sure why
    past experiences and stuff

    but anyways,
    Regardless I think that this is amazing
    I really love it

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