Merry Fishmas!

The catch of the day declined to comment, but when a reporter asked if he would mind singing his response — much to the amusement of the news scrum — he angrily shouted, “I’m a catfish, you jackass, not a bass!” and then proceeded to smash a photographer’s camera. No charges have been filed.

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36 thoughts on “Merry Fishmas!

  1. :D real women fish! id love to see the looks on the faces of other fishers watching modded people enjoy the same past time..

  2. Fish shouldn’t be killed or hurt for fun or anything else. I don’t like when people support this. To me, it’s morally wrong. But then again, I know most people don’t mind… I like the awareness that comes with mods, or that people that are aware of their surroundings get modded out of tribal or ancient background, or the feeling they contribute to that background. Too bad that eating animals is still ‘normal’.

  3. The reason I mentioned the tribes is because I found that only recently in history people stopped seeing modification as something ‘not mainstream’. I’ve found myself being more aware of myself and more ‘part’ of the world being pierced, having stretched, than before. A feeling of authenticity, being true to what you are, and not pretending that you are more important than other people or animal species… We lost our bodyhair (at least some of us)… Not eating meat – for me, and thinking about why not to eat meat is something that’s been triggered by that sence of awareness, choosing what to do, when to do it, because you can. Even if it doesn’t fit the whole tribal routine. I’m not running around naked searching for a cave to sleep either…

    I bet if someone put a picture here of someone holding a cow being suffocated, while smiling and making fun of it… my reaction wouldn’t be so weird. While in fact, it’s the same. In fact, it reminds me of those abu grahib pictures. Oh yeah, but that’s different, those were people involved.

  4. Simon… Abu Ghraib?!

    For fuck’s sake.

    It’s a fish. For all you know she could have had a quick kiss and then thrown it back, to continue living it’s happy life until some deranged otter plucks it out of the water to suffocate and maul it to death (or eat it, perhaps).

    And you seem to be confused about the history of civilisation on a whole. I’m an archaeology student (I.e I’m on my Christmas break, I can’t be arsed to write you an essay right now). People stopped running around in caves WAY before they were “modifying” themselves as we know it.

    You seem to have a very romantic idea of the way “ancient” people used modification, but don’t seem to realise that in order to modify themselves, many cultures would use animal materials to do so.

  5. One of the reasons that vegans and vegetarians are viewed the way they are in the mainstream is because of people pushing their beliefs like this. Just because you feel that what you are doing is right, doesn’t mean that it’s actually true or that you have the right to push it on absolutely everyone. No one is going around spouting off their beliefs on why eating meat is amazing and if you don’t then you’re morally wrong. Besides, at least the fish actually had a chance and wasn’t filed into a slaughterhouse in a procession.

    I don’t appreciate anyone pushing their beliefs on me, be it about religion, eating habits or anything else. Who are you that you are magically above us all and able to judge everyone as you see fit? What amazing thing have you done that sets you on your mystical pedestal? I’m betting nothing.

    Grow up, let people make their own decisions about their lifestyle, and if you don’t like fishing or hunting then why don’t you just not go out and do it?

  6. If the fish hadn’t been caught it’s “natural” death would have been much less traumatic, predators that are more connected to nature than we tend not to inflict discomfort on their prey before death.

  7. i dont care that she’s caught a fish. i’d much rather catch and eat a healthy, wild fish than eat some farm raised born-in-a-tank fish. as long as its respectful to nature and the beast that is killed for food, its nothing to get stressed out about. any way you look at it, meats are packed with nutrients and for a pre-industrial human being it would be an excellent nutritive treat when included in a diet with plenty of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. nutritional variety in diet is good for you and for many many people for many many generations that meant including meats. so yeah, eating meat is still ‘normal.’

    besides, the little lady in this pic is totally cute and fabulous, and i think its really sweet and endearing that shes doing some down home fun stuff like fishing. keep it up!

  8. not necessarily true about the less-suffering thing… ever watch a gazelle eaten by a lion?
    a hunter could have dropped it over the course of a few steps, maybe even instantly. the lion clamps onto the windpipe and holds it down until it stops kicking. minutes. the predator eating the fish probably wouldnt be bothered to even kill the fish before eating it. as long as it can be held still enough to get the bites taken out…

    whether this fine young lady decided to throw the fish back right after this or eat it or tear it apart with her bare hands… it is probably about the same as what would have happened in the long run, or better. chill the hell out and just appreciate the obvious cuteness here. we cant all be enlightened because we put a few needles and tapers through our faces. we still think fish are good to catch and eat.

  9. I quote myself: ‘I don’t like when people support this. To me, it’s morally wrong. But then again, I know most people don’t mind…’

    Apparently the only time you are allowed to write down your opinion is when it’s when you support something. I don’t want to push anything, just saying I don’t like it when this is encouraged. If she threw the fish back (wich I guess she did) doens’t make a difference, to me.

    And I tried to explain before that I don’t like modification just because of ancient tribes did it, but the awareness it brings, and the knowledge that only recently modification became somethin ‘weird’ is what I like. Saying I’m not running around looking for a cave was to make that point. I’m not, in any way, historical knowledged enough, or even willing.

    Think what you will… It’s not cool that I can’t even write my own opinion here… I didn’t even write WHY I don’t eat meat, or other persuasive stuff… Even then people calling me ‘pushing my beliefs’… What the fuck. If I decide to cut of my penis everyone would be supportive and would be trying to understand the reason for me to do so. If I say I don’t like when people support (even if it’s in a funny or beautiful way) fishing and having fun with killing or hurting an animal… I get stigmatised.

    Fuck you. I’m no hater, now go hate on someone else.

    And college kid, don’t smartass me…

  10. simon wasnt pushing his beliefs as such it was kinda squozen out of him. but fihsies are just too yummy im afraid :)

  11. “And college kid, don’t smartass me…”

    Why not? He’s only sharing his knowledge.

    On Topic tho – love her ears!!! They really suit her

  12. I presume you’re referring to me Simon, when you say ‘college kid’. You can call me Hanargh, if you want.

    I’m sorry, I did point out that I didn’t want to be a smartass, as I said, I’m on Christmas break from university right now. That’s why I didn’t throw a load of boring Mesolithic info your way.

    All I said was that modification came way after cavemen, caves don’t have anything to with anything here really.

    And I was also more concerned that you compared the photo to Abu Ghraib. Anyone else a bit miffed about that?

  13. Emily great post! its nice to see someone intelligently put that a responsible omnivore is generally a great dietary choice. Id also like to add that living life to avoid things (a stance i see most vegans i meet are taking, not all, just most i have met) is a waste.

  14. She has a very beautyfull Nightmare Before Christmas tattoo on her arm. I’d like very much too see it better!!

  15. If I remember right…I think I’ve seen her sleeve before on modblog? Either way, she is way lovely.

    Oh hoo hah. Everyone gets up and at em’ about every little thing anymore. Why can’t we all just leave our opinions short and too the point? That way no one gets all flustered.

    Besides, this is a MODblog post. Not FISHRIGHTSblog.

  16. I would love to stretch my labret to 4 or 5mm but i really want to know how it looks like after, when i took it off..
    Do you have any pictures of the ”after stretch labret” ?

    thanks and sorry if my english is wrong :)

  17. the girl’s cute. the suffocating fish isn’t.
    nothing against eating em or fishing, honestly. nothing wrong with the foodchain, and at least this fish had (and maybe continues to have) a happy life in the freedom of a lake or river, rather than a dingy, cramped aqua-farm. i guess i just don’t like seeing people play with their food.

  18. The title pissed me off, that being because my ex used to say it alot, and I miss her.

  19. your ex used to say merry fishmas a lot?
    how many opportunities can you possibly have to say that?

  20. ooooooooh yeah, she’s so hardcore with her gauges and that bandana tiedin his head, please remind her fishes do suffer

  21. im an avid fisherman and am always respectful to what i catch most species i catch and release as fast as possible with little or no damage to the fish when i keep fish to eat i kill them before filleting by severing their spine which is no where near as bad as being swallowed whole by a larger fish and melted alive in acid or ripped apart and eaten alive by a beaver bobcat or snapping turtle also i support friends of the white river and try to clean and keep are precious rivers that are damed and emptied killing off tons of biomass for water for your “death free” vegatables then you cut down the trees till the land destroy the topsoil kill the bunnies and mice and snakes that lived in those fields while harvesting ur food in turn killing the animals that hunted them like eagles and other raptors then u have to fertilize this land with either “animal products” or unsustainable petrolem and rocks as supplements so just think about if a hardcore vegan/vegatarian diet is murder free just think about the effect your food has on nature and the poor animals that suffer due to farming

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