Healed scar handprint

Wow, in terms of healed scarifications (*it’s not totally healed — about three months old in the picture), this definitely places on my top five list… It just looks so natural. These were done by premiere scarification artist Ryan Ouellette, who’s just set up a new site at PBAscars.com that’s dedicated to his work (and of course he has a gallery on BME as well).

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51 thoughts on “Healed scar handprint

  1. thats the most beautiful scarification that ive ever seen… i dont mean necessarily in terms of technique or the actual scars themselves, but its the first scarification that has ever moved me.

  2. It looks fantastic… just like it’s always been there. You almost want to ask, ‘How did you get that scar?’ because it looks so natural!

  3. That is so amazing…Ryan’s work always blows me away, but this one, like stated above, just moves me.

  4. I like that the texture of a healed skin removal is so similar to the texture of a palm that this has the texture of a handprint. Very cool.

  5. THAT is a fucking beautiful scarification … again you see besides a skilled cutter you need a brilliant (and simple) idea and it ROCKS the shit out of everybody :) … very nice!! I hope it will heal nice and stay visible!

  6. It kind of reminds of the thing in fight club were he kissed the guys hand and then dumped lye onto it, just because the scar looks so natural like how the points of contact are the only things cut out…awesome job

  7. this is so nice looking. i havn’t been impressed with and of the hand print tattoo’s i’ve seen but this just looks so real, like someone else said, it looks like a slap by a burning hand.

  8. This is absolutely gorgeous :) one of my favourite scarifications ive seen on this site.

  9. Just.. Woha.. The fresh pic looks totlay awesome but the [almost] finshed pic just looks so unreal.

  10. The first thing I thought of was the impressions I did in kindergarten for my parents. It’s amazing the juxtaposition (if that’s what it is) with the child and the scars. B-e-a-utiful.

  11. I couldn’t agree more with the first three posts! That is a fantastic piece of body art, definitely amongst the best I’ve ever seen. It reminds me so much of cave art pipe-blown paint hands, which have been interpreted by some as touching an alternative world through the membrane of the rock.

  12. fantastic, ryan. i’m not typically a big fan of scarification, but this looks great.

  13. after seeing the initial skin removal, i think that its a shame how much finger and palm detail was lost during healing. i guess the skin must have really tightened up around the scar tissue as well, because the scar in the above picture looks quite a bit smaller than the original cutting.

  14. i LOVE LOOVE LOOOOVE that, it makes me think of a ghost or spirt that touched them, and it left mark, like something out of a horror movie!

  15. i don’t think i’ve ever seen another quite like it.
    it healed beautifully, and i think it looks great where it was placed. i don’t care much for scarifications, but this is brilliant.

  16. in the hands of the maker there’s a quite awesome art, but the healing process left this scarification so overwhelmingly sweet and beautiful.

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