Man vs. Wild

“Hey, I’m here for my consultation.”

“Oh, hey. Have a seat, have a seat. So, what do you have in mind?”

“Well, there are certain elements I’d like involved. A bear, for one.”

“Cool! We’ll get a bear in there. Anything else?”

“A squid.”

“A squid and a bear? Ha ha, sure thing man!”

“Also, we’re going to need a alligator in there. Oh! And a shark.”

“So this is some sorta wildli—”

“And there has to be a guy killing all of them.”

“At the same time?”

“At the same time.”

(“A man punching through an alligator, stepping on an octopus, having a bear in a headlock, getting attacked by a shark, and killing a man with his teeth” by Caleb at Studio City Tattoo in Studio City, California.)

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30 thoughts on “Man vs. Wild

  1. haha, anyone should read the book this illustration was from. its called alphabet of manliness haha… This is wonderful.

  2. I remember in high school everyone was debating over ninjas and pirates. my response was always that lumberjacks trump all.

  3. It’s probably sad that the first thing I thought of was Chuck Norris too.
    The internet has clearly corrupted me.

  4. I’m with all the Chuck thinkers.
    The first thing i thought of was indeed, the Chuck….
    How can you not?!

  5. Definitely made me think of all those Norris jokes…

    Before the boogie man goes to sleep, he checks under the bed for Chuck Norris…

  6. I KNEW it was something Maddox inspiried. Ehh, it’s an okay tattoo. Don’t really like the way the guy’s face looks.

  7. my first thought was also chuck second thought was this would fit perfectly in maddox’s alphabet of manliness..didn’t realize it was actually an illustration from that very book. maddox owns.

  8. It’s like the lovechild of Arnold Schwartzenegger and Crocodile Dundee on steroids.

  9. Anyone else nearly pee themself laughing when they read the “Bear Grylls is jealous” tag? Ha ha ha!

  10. i agree it may be chuck but i think its just cause beards are hardcore baddass. im jealous of this tattoo. it reminds me of Brock Sampson from Venture brothers.

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