Concrete Warfare

Huh. You know, I usually just use a rolled-up newspaper or a wet towel when I want to swat at an angel, but hey, to each his own.

(This excellent piece is, of course, by Marc from Swastika Freakshop in Radolfzell, Germany. Is there a more distinctive tattoo artist working right now than him?)

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39 thoughts on “Concrete Warfare

  1. I don’t much care for the image itself, but it is nonetheless a finely done piece of work.
    And so well balanced. Kudos.

  2. every time something is posted that comes out of that shop, me and my husband talk about how bad we want to go there and get tattooed.
    fucking love it.

  3. woah the first piece of art posted on modblog from freakshop that wasnt instantly recognizable. still damn fine work.

  4. i like it, really different (image/concept-wise, i mean)

    i am curious to know how the cross-hatching fill/shading looks healed…

  5. I’m, frankly, amazed that the studio is getting away with the name “Swastika Freakshop” in Germany.

  6. I love it. Marc’s work is amazing. All of it. I am especially fond of the splatter in the background. Looks fabulous.

  7. Dayyumnnn!! Is there anything that comes out of Freakshop that DOESN’T kick ass?! The sketchy effect is mindbogglingly well done.

  8. when i Scrolled down and just saw the tip of this tat i knew it was from Swastika Freakshop and it’s another fantastic piece from there

  9. #5 – I was about to comment saying that it’s interesting how I can immediately tell when a tattoo is from that shop, this one included..

  10. Yeah, This screamed. “Freakshop” immediately. It also screamed, “Get your ass out to Germany!”

  11. Only reason i thought it could be Marc is the cross hatching he always does(as seen on the angel wings)

    Dont know if im a fan of the cross hatching, i think realism might of been better for this one but a unique and cool piece none the less.

    Especially digging the black splat 🙂

  12. this has to be one of my favourite tattoos!

    i love the cross hatching and dripping ink-splatter because it all adds to the street art feel to the tattoo. i think more realistic wud make it something completely different and hav less of the street funk. thats right- street funk.

    it looks like something from a skatie magazine and i love it.

  13. serialxkillerxcomplex – I’m not sure, but I think there might be one in the top of the ‘true love’ lettering, more suggested than actually there. But maybe it’s just because I’m looking for it!

  14. I have yet not love anything out of Swastika Freakshop, this piece is no exception.
    If ever there was a reason to go to Germany!

  15. im so jelious i didnt think of a sick tattoo like this… but kudos for real its an amazing piece

  16. I love everything about this. A large, asymmetrical and extremely well balanced chest-piece is incredibly endearing- haven’t seen it that often. I dig the cross-hatching.

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