God Gets Stoned

Happy Memorial Saturday, America! What better way enjoy a long weekend than with, hmm, a tattoo of a platypus, nature’s most perfect killing machine? Hey, works for me. The lady above writes in:

So I went to the tattoo expo in Spokane, Washington, yesterday and my friend asked me when I was going to get a platypus on me. I’ve always wanted one. So he went up so this guy, and asked if he’d do a tattoo. Daniel, the artist, was super stoked to do it and drew it out that night. I went back today thinking for $100 I’d have a little wimpy platty drawn out…and instead he showed me this almost full page sketch! He’s an awesome guy and kicked butt at making an “old school” looking platypus. I’m in love with it. The end.

More shots after the jump? You bet your sweet duck-billed ass there are.

(Tattoo by Daniel from Hopeless Ink in Vancouver, Washington.)

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Man vs. Wild

“Hey, I’m here for my consultation.”

“Oh, hey. Have a seat, have a seat. So, what do you have in mind?”

“Well, there are certain elements I’d like involved. A bear, for one.”

“Cool! We’ll get a bear in there. Anything else?”

“A squid.”

“A squid and a bear? Ha ha, sure thing man!”

“Also, we’re going to need a alligator in there. Oh! And a shark.”

“So this is some sorta wildli—”

“And there has to be a guy killing all of them.”

“At the same time?”

“At the same time.”

(“A man punching through an alligator, stepping on an octopus, having a bear in a headlock, getting attacked by a shark, and killing a man with his teeth” by Caleb at Studio City Tattoo in Studio City, California.)

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