Full Eyebrow Removal

If there’s one thing you learn by reading BME every day, it’s that the human body is incredibly, impossibly resilient. We feature body rites and experiments with pain that some people find cringe-worthy, but the lesson, more often than not? Our bodies work very hard to take care of us, and even things that, by all accounts, seem dangerous or ill-advised, can heal perfectly well.

This is not to pass judgment on the skin removal we’re seeing here, but it’s an example of a procedure that, probably more than a lot of body modification procedures, would seem unnecessary and dangerous to the average the person. To hear the young man who had it done tell it, even the practitioner, Shawn O’Hare of Fillmore Tattoo and Piercing, was apprehensive at first:

I wanted both of my eyebrows removed for quite a while. Shawn kept refusing. Eventually after talking to Steve Haworth, he decided he would do it. We decided to do one now and one after this one has completely healed. We discussed all of the possible scenarios and risks and then went ahead with the procedure. It was pretty cut and dry. He peeled my eyebrow off and we bandaged it up.

At the very least, it’ll be very interesting to see the healing process on this piece. More shots, after the jump.

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267 thoughts on “Full Eyebrow Removal

  1. wow that musta been pretty painful. i think i would rather just shave them off if i dont like them

  2. Hahahaha, now you’ll never know if he’s angry or sad!
    I would have just shaved them. Or tattooed those pretty circles I see get done alot.

    I can’t wait to see healed pictures!!

  3. The second picture made me lol. I almost did a spit-take.

    I would love to see some healed photos!

  4. hahaha holy fuck. I too really wonder what it will look like healed.

    I personally think people look SUPER creepy without eyebrows.

  5. That is bizzarre…
    Surely that is just going to leave a really big scar, perhaps more obvious than the eyebrow?

  6. so is he guna attach it higher up? he cud hav a permanent surprised look. a winner with the ladies.

  7. to risk, that the scartissue will generate tension in that loose tissue around the eye and maybe deform it ?

    maybe….stupid ?

  8. i think he will look really odd after that heals… big bulbous vaguely-eyebrow-shaped scars…

  9. They could’ve atleast tried to make it look good instead of a random shaped slice.

  10. yer.. thats not doing it for me ha its the weirdness of a whole eyebrow with hair and everything instead of just a piece of skin being removed.. hope it heals ok

  11. I love the finger.
    When I first saw it I was like…OH MY GOD. SOMEONE HAS HAIRPLUGS ON THEIR HAND.
    Oh no, it’s just his eyebrows.

    You rule! XD

  12. Personally, I’d have gone with laser hair removal if the intent was just to remove the hair. Can’t wait to see healed photos.

  13. waxing would have worked better… Maybe not thought all the way through…

    Eventually after a couple years the redness in the scar will go away. Until then hes gonna have a HUGE red spot on his forhead…

    Laser hair removal doesn’t cost that much anymore… I’m just sayin’.

  14. He better do one of two things:

    1) Eat it
    2) Plant it and get it to grow somewhere else.

    Like below your butt hole so it has its own little hitler ‘stache.

  15. “Our bodies work very hard to take care of us, and even things that, by all accounts, seem dangerous or ill-advised, can heal perfectly well. ”

    I think you’re jumping the gun a bit with that one…

  16. What did it do to you to make you hate it so much you loped it offf??????????
    I dont think i could ever hate my brows that much….

  17. “I think you’re jumping the gun a bit with that one…”

    Let me clarify that point: I’m not suggesting that it’s fine to do dangerous things without considering the consequences, just because your body may heal them. More so, I’m just surprised at how often things that one would think would have no business healing well end up being fine. It’s not a recommendation, just an observation, but it’s by no means an absolute, either.

  18. NOOOOO!!! im all for doing what ever. But damn i HATE people without eyebrows you cant trust them you never know their emotions. NO EYEBROWS = NO LOVE FROM ME

  19. @Jordan: I think they meant that we don’t know how this is going to heal; it could end up being a disaster.

  20. I don’t see what is so crazy about it. I wanted some scarification in replace of my eyebrows. I decided the best idea was a eyebrow shaped scar due to hair regrowth. My eyebrow is healing up great. Anyone that is experienced with a deep skin removal knows that the wound tends to really open up initially and then draw together as it heals. The looseness in the skin around my eye also plays a factor in how large the wound looks. It has already shrunk to half the size of the original wound.

  21. I don’t see what is so crazy about it. I wanted some scarification in replace of my eyebrows. I decided the best idea was a eyebrow shaped scar due to hair regrowth. My eyebrow is healing up great. Anyone that is experienced with a deep skin removal knows that the wound tends to really open up initially and then draw together as it heals. The looseness in the skin around my eye also plays a factor in how large the wound looks. It has already shrunk to half the size of the original wound.

  22. Holy fucking Moly =o

    How can I look at penis subincisions and just shrug, but a dude cutting his eyebrows off makes me fucking gag.. Ha, pretty sweet though. Hope it heals well!

  23. I am busting to know why he wanted them removed.
    Just shits and giggles or does he have a plan for afterwards?
    Maybe scarbrows appeals to him, or maybe he will… No I have no idea.
    I’m so glad Brandon commented, too.

  24. Totally, it could heal up quite well,

    although if you think about how much movement goes on in that area, not just with expression but even with blinking, it does seem a tad risky.

    Even in your sleep, that part of your face moves. Just wondering if it will affect movement/function of the eye. Hopefully it won’t tighten as it closes natually, and prevent the eye from blinking as it should.

    I don’t neccessarily object to this – the customer persisted and seems to take on all responsibility. Good luck to him – hope to see healed pictures!

  25. We definitely have to see more pictures of this as it heals. It’s fascinating, both from a body modification perspective and from a medical one.

  26. Dude, if you wanted to grow a better ‘tasche, you should have just waited a couple of years!

  27. Cool, I guess, but to be honest with you, it looks like shit. Very un-professionally done. Would have looked better if it was neater. The lines aren’t smooth at all. I could have done this.

  28. ohhhhhh no oh i needed a warning for that one.

    i mean right on, slice that bastard right off. but damn that’s icky lookin right now!

  29. I bet the first guy who got a any major dick modification done didn’t know how it was going to heal =/ he just wanted it. I for one think my dick is more important than my eyebrows or my eyes. If someone can take taht big of a risk as to just cut their penis in two. I don’t think this is that bad If no one had a bi-section right now and I was told I had to pick between the two. I’d start cutting my own eyebrows off.

    Hats off to the guy all the best of luck to his new modifcation ^_^

  30. I would have liked a “full picture after the jump” on this one, instead of everything at once, like you usually do with more intense procedures. I was eating..

  31. For some reason, it was them playing with the eyebrow that disturbed me. Not the bloody hole where his eyebrow used to be, but pretending the eyebrow was a mustach… I feel sick (only because they were playin with it!) Go him tho for doin something a little outside the norm.

  32. i am not shocked that

    a) brandon would want something like um.,….that.

    and b) that the ever so amazing shawn o’hare would be the one to do it.


  33. also, im not sure whos the bigger idiot. the kid who claims shawn to be a god, or shawn, for believing him haha. okay, im done now.

  34. the pics made me laugh really hard xD…and why not?that’s something risky to do, but he knew the consequences…and by the way, i just saw healed pictures of his eyebrown on his myspace and they healed really well

  35. If you lurk hard enough, you can find healing process pictures on his myspace, and it looks really nice.

  36. wow…Maybe if he had the scars cut better, they are gonna look really huge and weird…but its done now so what are you gonna do

  37. I just hope the individual doesn’t experience keloidal scarring. That would probably defeat the purpose of what they were trying to achieve. Although maybe they wanted two big giant puffy discolored raised scars for eyebrows?

    *shrugs* to each their own I guess.

  38. I think they really should have made a neater cut… it looks really sloppy, like someone just ‘hacked’ it off. The lines aren’t straight at all… and it looks like a lot more was removed than needed…

  39. i agree with the “more than necessary was removed” feeling. but hey whatever makes you happy man. and i also have to agree with the comment saying that if nobody cut their dicks, nobody would know how a cut dick heals. AND i’m agreeing as well with the “people with no eybrows look creepy”. Too many comments by the time i got on, all i could do was to agree haha.

  40. It’s…intense.
    But the little hairy strips are what I’m thinking about…too bad they can’t be grafted somewhere else =)

  41. Wondering if he’d ever had skin removal before to gauge how he reacts to it in terms of healing & scarring.

    Regardless, that moustache shot is fucking magnificent!

  42. Click on my name and it links you to my myspace.

    Too much skin was not removed. The only thing removed is what you see the eyebrow. The skin around the eye is very loose. The skin around my right eye was almost droopy for the first couple days until it started to draw together and start scabbing.

    Yes I have had skin removal before.

  43. Interestingly enough first thing that came to mind after seeing the removal with the eyebrow sitting next to the “hole” was the BODY WORLDS EXHIBIT http://www.theleonardo.org/ – 8k That i recentlt went to with my wife and kids. it is basically bodys preserved with the skin peeled off, strangely enough alot of the bodys still had the eyebrows on their face, no other skin though except mabey the lips. after seeing that nothing seems morbid or shocking. the exhibit will be leaving SLC soon.

  44. hey brandon i went to your photo page and couldent find any healing photos i did see the eyebrow in a jar though

  45. I don’t find the cutting work there particularly aesthetically appealing…it looks rather ragged and uneven.
    And the thought of that lymphing into his eye makes me shudder.

  46. Talk about raising some eyebrows!

    I was wondering the same as Lizardman, what if a giant keloid develops? As unlikely as it would be, that would be interesting.

  47. Fortunately from what Brandon has said his eyebrows or lack there of are healing nicely and will not come out with him looking like The Great Groucho Marx . I do look forward to seeing the finished product, please do keep us posted.

    “Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others.”
    – Groucho Marx

  48. now that’s what i’m talkin about. haven’t seen a post of this quality in a while

  49. wow. i think this was the first picture on bme i was so grossed out by that i couldn’t keep looking at it… maybe just because i just finished breakfast. idk. ugh.

    i hope it heals well though. i really want to see some pictures where it’s completely healed.

  50. so stupid idea… why he don’t use laser? my propose – shave all head like eyebrows

  51. am i now a beautiful and unique snowflake?

    no… you look like you belong on Seasame St.

  52. I would think, that a person that experienced as Steve Haworth should be aware of “around-the-eye” scaring issues. Unless the procedure was performed to leave a huge and unpredictable in shape scar, I would rather see it as a multi-stage process, using approach similar to the one used n plastic surgery.
    If I were to perform the procedure of eyebrow removal I would start with eyebrow implant works, increasing imlant size gradually to obtain sufficient loose skin flap to be able to remove the eyebrow and suture the wound without tension (oplastic surgeons use “expander” devices for that purpose). This approach would offer additional benefits, as it gives superb opportunity to control the scar size and shape.

  53. Opinions are like assholes… here’s mine:

    - I watched this dude work at a convention not long ago. I’m not surprised at all he’d do something like this. His actions there made it VERY clear that he’s in the industry for the attention… piercing with his shirt off, posing for photos the whole time, doing cuttings and tongue splits at his booth, etc. There’s nothing wrong with entertainment or publicizing what you do or whatever, but you should be on top of your game if you’re going to be that public which leads me to…

    - He obviously had no CLUE of things like cross-contamination etc. while working there. I understand conventions aren’t the ideal place to pierce or do mod-work anyway, but seriously… touching a sharps container and going back to a piercing without changing gloves or picking up your camera to photograph your finished work WITH YOUR GLOVES ON STILL makes it pretty obvious you don’t know what you’re doing. Mastering the basics would be a good first step before doing more heavy modification. …and people wonder why it’s so hard to gain respect for this industry…

    - Obviously as it’s been pointed out, there are methods of removing ones eyebrows that will have much more predictable results than this. And if the goal was a combined scarification/eyebrow-removal piece, it could have been executed WAY better both design-wise and with better technical ability (even the non-professionals posting here have pointed out how choppy and inconsistent this looks).

    - Ignoring all the above points, WHY ON EARTH would you remove just one with the justification that you’re doing it to see how it’ll heal. So, what if it DOES heal shitty and you hate this big puffy eyebrow-scar you have… are you going to not remove the other? Personally, I’d rather have two at least pseudo-symmetrical fucked-up eyebrow scars than one on one side… And if you are unhappy with how the experiment goes, then what? Do the other side anyway and be symmetrically unhappy? Leave it and tell people you were in a car wreck? I don’t know… just seems like if you’re going to do something, at least fucking do it.

    - Bonus points for the mustache photo though… that shit”s hilarious!

  54. i cant find the healed pics on his/brandons myspace either, i guess im not lurking hard enough. seems like an extensive procedure for someone appearing to only have a few (visible) mods..
    but i say fuck it, go for broke


  55. The quality of the work is questionable, as is the practitioner’s ethics for doing it.
    But what do I know from scarification.
    If the kid is happy and not dead… it’s a successful modification.

  56. HaHa! Modblog drama again! i remember a time that you(Jinix/Jessica) thought i was god and got on your knees quite a few times for me! Congrats on being a BMEslut. we had good times though. Anyways….Brandons eyebrow removal is healing great and healed pics are soon to come. Im surprised this got put down compared to all the other crap being posted on here. Thank you for your comments!

  57. People assume so much. How do you know how many mods I have and how much experience I have? If you think I didn’t know what I was getting into check out my profile pics. I have a fucking star in my forehead. I can handle the stares.

  58. Wow. That sort of makes you come off like a big douche.
    When you do anything controversial, you should expect criticism. In this case- the quality of the work looks terrible as well as the questionable nature of the location….. one would think that you’d come in here and try to deflect criticism. Instead you act like a flaming ass. Spot on.

  59. To be honnest, I think this mod is insane!

    And yes, it is insane in two ways:

    As a scarification, I have to admit that this one is very awesome and intense. Can hardly wait to see healed pictures of the proces.

    In the other way, I think the guy with the removed eyebrown is insane, but as in a total idiot! I don’t think he has any idea of the consequences due to that cutting.

    Anyway, if you’re happy with it, enjoy it, because the healing will HURT LIKE F*CKING HELL!! (try it yourself, count the times you move that piece of skin in one day…)

  60. holy shit.
    my stomach is not easily turned, but seeing that first picture made me clap my hand over my mouth and close my eyes. intense as fuck.

  61. he is a douche and quite the hack from what i have heard and seen. i recently repaired a tounge he had split crooked which i dont see how one does that

    and the only reason the rest of the crap on modblog doesnt get put down this bad is 98% of people are morons and if its just crappy work artists arnt gonna say as much about it as things that are just to fucking risky the second someone people respect steps up and says soemhting negitive thats when u get all the other people aggreeing

    yeah this is healing fine doesnt mean its a bright idea

    i mena people get shot in the face and live from time to time and are perfectly normal cept for scarring from the wound

    that should be the next risky modification shooting people in the face

    i mean if u plan it out good enough things should go fine

  62. Fuck all y’all haters! He wanted it done and i asked around/researched what i could and after a few weeks of considering the consequences we went ahead and did it. it healed fucking great, better then i ever thought it would. If any other mod artist was approached and asked to do an eyebrow removal we probably woulda seen one done already. its the first of its kind is what makes it unique and fucking cool. I dont know who the fuck Mikeee is but fuck you too.

  63. very few things on modblog have ever made me go “GUUHHH” out loud, but this is one of them. dont get me wrong, i dont think it’s gross and horrible, it’s just really effin intense. i’d like to see more pics, and i wonder how the scars will effect the skin tension (i have cuttings that span from a bit under my armpit and go down to almost my pelvic bone on both my sides, and it took months of gradual stretching to be able to lift my arms straight up into the air again because of the tension from the scars). hope it continues to heal up ok!

  64. Funny, that’s the first thing to gross me out on modblog in a long while

    Seeing the fresh pictures I was shaking me head

    But the healed photos are very nice looking. It’s good to see that it worked out. I hope he doesn’t keloid easliy.

  65. lol. reason lines aren’t straight = loose skin not shitty cutting. that cutting pic looks awful, but the healed pic looks fvking awecome. like ‘couldn’t be better’ awesome. grats on a good mod

  66. “its the first of its kind is what makes it unique and fucking cool.”

    Congratulations Mr. O’Hare! You’ve achieved the “first!” points so sought after by so many “practitioners” like yourself.

    However deductions of those “first!” points will be made for penalties including, unprofessional behavior, questionable ethics, track history of poorly conceived and poorly executed modifications, general douchbaggeries, and no desire to better these faults.

    I’ve seen your work in published magazines for a number of years now and I have to agree with Al’s statement that you do what you do for attention and recognition, even though in professional circles that recognition is the butt of a number of jokes.

    I’d love to know what YOU think your peers in the professional world of body modification think of your work. Do you think other artist think your work is as, and I’ll use the vernacular that I assume lowbrow knuckle draggers like yourself would use, “fuckin’ sick modz, bro.”

    But, Brandon, I’m happy that you are pleased with how it turned out, and to be honest, while giving no credit whatsoever to the person who performed the procedure, it looks better than I thought it would in the picture on myspace. Enjoy it!

  67. By the professional manner Shawn O’Hare is able to respond, I’m sure thousands will be flocking to him for extreme mods now.

  68. so i guess everyone cool has finally left modblog for good. all that’s left is a bunch of kids who scream out loud when they see blood on someone’s face. but then i guess the cutting edge usually doesn’t stay put for long. and so the search continues. wish me luck on teh journey, maybe i’ll see some of you on that long and winding road

  69. In response to Cameron McConnell….why you hating? i’ve never even heard of you and as far being the butt of jokes this entire scene is like high school, i do what i do and thats that. I’m not as extreme as Emilio, Howie,Haworth, Decker etc. if any of them was approached with this procedure im sure they would have done it too, maybe not the same way i did but just cause its the first im sure it wont be the last. don’t talk shit Cameron, you hardly have a piercing portfoilio,so your long paragraph of your “opinions” doesn’t have much back-up, you’re just hating, and thanks for saying it looks good, cause thats giving me credit, whether you like it or not. Thanks for following my work for so many years! :)

  70. Dear Shawn O’Hare,
    By simply calling people “haters” in response to criticism and concern, you prove yourself to be a belligerent fool. I have no opinion of your work. However, based on the way you conduct yourself in public forums, I would never get work done by you.

    P.S. I know you don’t care about what I have to say, but perhaps you should think about how you present yourself to the community and world. You are a professional, aren’t you?

  71. haha, nice name BARF, sorry you don’t like the term “haters”, but by the way i type online its almost like we’ve met in person according to your opinion and you can judge my character. I’m a professional, buisness wise, when im not working or at a tattoo expo doesnt say how i do act “professionally”, don’t judge me like you know me, cause that makes you a hater. criticism and concern are one thing, but to bash my character and judge my “professionalism” is uncalled for. i don’t call you a loser just cause you have a name like BARF,i like to meet a person before i act like i know them

  72. You tell em Shawn.

    I personally think it’s impressive to want to go through with such a drastic removal. Who knows what the healing will be like though. I think it’ll hurt to look surprised personally. Other than that I’m just curious as to why the easy painless way out wouldnt work? Shave your eyebrows every so often, doesnt hurt unless you try shaving the wrong way with a scalpel.

  73. Shawn, why should you have heard of me? I’m just a piercer who doesn’t care to do anything more than pierce, not some self aggrandizing dope doing things like removing eyebrows

    Sure, you may think of this scene is similar to high school, but by your own words you are still trying to do something no one has done before and publicize it with your name attached to it. So by high school standards, I’d have to say that you fall into the over zealous, attention seeker catagory.

    I’ll say this, sweetpea, of the four practitioners you mentioned, I’d only put my money behind one of them to do an adventurous procedure, as such, with any forethought toward anatomy, the rest, total hacks in my book. But what do I know, after all I’m no Shawn O’Hare.

    I’m not talking shit in any shape or form, I’m expressing my honest opinion which you have diced, so similarly to your modification work (poorly), to get some type of endorsement from me. So let’s get it this straight before it gets out of hand, your work blows. It has blown for as long as I’ve seen it, and it will more than likely continue to blow for quite sometime.

    Finally, to touch on Barf’s comment and your retort to it; having had questionable work published on a popular website you should have represented yourself a little better than you have so far. And when attaching your name to comments the likes of yours, then yeah, anybody has the right to judge your character because you illustrate that you truly are a total douchebag.

    p.s. thanks for taking the time to find me on myspace, I appreciate the lurking, but I don’t like to have shitty piercers attached to me as “friends”, it just looks bad.

  74. this made me laugh. The forum was enjoyable too. Especially the whole “dont hate on me, im a boss bitch” bit. I would normally not venture into modblog drama but just for the hell of it sense were all “giving out our honest oppinions” Shawn Hare is just a sloppy mod artist. Glad to see the kid didn’t get a staff infection and become mentally challenged. Kudos :D!

  75. Shawn, I’m not commenting here to flame or question anybody’s work, but there’s a huge difference between Steve/Brian work, and Mr. Gonzalez/Howie work…

    In other hand, I have to admit the moustache picture is as funny as disturbing…lmao.

  76. What makes my stomach churn is not so much the removal but the wholly misogynistic comment posted in relation to a female IAM member – totally uncalled for and totally disrespectful and I am surprised that more people haven’t pulled him on that.

  77. not to make a personal attack or anything, but seeing this page would be enough for me to decide not to put my body in shawn o’hares hands. i like what 86 said, seems like a better idea to avoid the obvious risks a large cut around the eye could bring (regardless of results so far). i think most people, myself atleast, would lean towards a practicioner with consistent results rather than a cutting-edge practioner when they are looking for someone to perform a high-risk procedure on them. thats just my 2-cents.

  78. Damn! you guys sure have a lot of time to criticize me. Cameron McConnell is just some crappy piercer who thinks cause he’s hung from hooks he’s a piercer, but your portfolio sucks, keep your opinions to yourself when you can hardly pierce a tragus. I didnt even submit the photos or try to glorify the mod. I did it, it healed. end of story.Fuck you Cameron McConnell, attacking me on here probably made you feel better for being a crappy piercer, but it showed you’re just a hater, you are just a piercer, and hardly one at that. Yeah, you wouldn’t remove an eyebrow, you probably are scared to pierce one, Learn to pierce first and then try bashing my work when you have something to back it up, you’re just a loser, and im done typing about some loser from Virginia i’ve never met or heard of, you got anything else to say i’ll be at APP.

  79. I completely agree with Tiff on that comment as well… I guess I didn’t feel the need to point that out because I would expect nothing less of this guy.

    To Shawn: I assume you work a lot of conventions, right? You might want to check and see if Health Educators or someone similar is doing a BBP class at/near one of the conventions or near your hometown. I’ve watched you work and seen plenty of photos on BME, and you could really benefit from a class that would teach you the basics of BBP and how it pertains to our industry.

  80. I’ve taken BBP Al. Don’t judge me on my convention work, i dont wear a shirt cause its a tatttoo show, a lot of guys aren’t wearing shirts, and saying i need a BBP course when you watched me work in a booth for 5 mins at some expo is unfair. Stop by one of my shops or actually talk to me instead of forming an opinion based on an observation you made when i may have been busy or even over-whelmed at some tattoo expo. I do Tattoo expos cause i own 3 shops in California and like to travel/promote my artists. I’ve been piercing for almost 10 years now and know what im doing,i don’t consider a 5 mins observation to judge who i am.

    And as far as the comment on the female, she talked shit first, haven’t seen/spoken to her in months, she got what she deserved lol

  81. Wow, it’s really great to see some rational thought in the comment section of modblog. I suppose the threshold had to be reached one day where the majority of observers, even in this circle jerk, say “dude, that’s just stupid”

    That threshold evidently is lopping off parts of your face.

    That said, Shawn O’Hare:

    Goddamn you is one fucking idiot bastard bitch fuck, aintcha. That’s about the worst flesh removal I’ve EVER seen, and I’ve seen Howie’s work.

    So that’s really saying something.

    So I’ll speak here for all the professionals who have some talent but are afraid to speak up in public forums about fucks like yourself:

    Please get out of the business and stay out. You’re an untalented menace. You’re dangerous. You’re making a lot of people look bad. And you’re going to be one of the people who is the reason that this entire scene is about two phone calls and a letter from being shut down completely, if you don’t stop now.

    So stop.


    I’m going to send Barry along to the APP with a special message just for you too, so make sure you hang around him until he remembers it.

  82. Shawn, you saying that I have a poor portfolio is laughable. Almost as much as that poorly thought attack on me, afterall, by your own logic, it’s the internet and you really shouldn’t be judging people by what they say nor by what you see of them on the internet. Am I correct?

    As for your response to Al, if Al saw that your aseptic technique was as poor as he says it is after watching you for 5 minutes, then he must have a trained eye, so good for him! Defending the cross contamination of your station and personal belongs by saying you are busy isn’t an excuse to cut corners. By, again, what do I know, I’m no Shawn O’Hare, I’m just a lowly piercer.

    I’m also glad to hear that people giving you sexual favors stop at oral sex. May all your future attempts procreation end at oral sex. Cheers, see you in Las Vegas, I’ll be the one with my shirt off doing scalp removals.

  83. sign me up for a scalp removal i think it would be incredibly badass too be able to have my skull sticking out … then again it would more than likely get infected and down one body defence guarding my brain leaves me feeling very vunurable hmm

  84. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    APP is onna be fun this year

    havnet they brought u up at conventions in the past ??

    on doing that piece of shit pedophiles big ass star implant

    and im not talking shit for working on that scum

    but hasnt your behaivor and alot of your work brought you up in a negitive light?

  85. I would say it probably didn’t even take five minutes to observe either a total misunderstanding of cross-contamination or total apathy towards it.

    Point blank, if you can’t handle the stress and pressures of a convention, don’t pierce there. I sure as hell wouldn’t. Regardless, the mistakes I saw you make had nothing to do with being in a hurry… you were definitely not rushed enough to not pose for camera pictures or snap some of your own (with dirty gloves on).

    All I’m saying is don’t put yourself in the spotlight if you’re not fully prepared for it, and maybe reconsider doing risky procedures until you’re educated enough to do more basic procedures correctly.

  86. and wow i just looked at your piercing work i have only ever seen your mod work

    umm how can u accuse cameron of bieng a shitty piercer

    85% of your work is crooked or uneven

    the other 15% is just un thought out and poorly exicuted

  87. Wow, it’s really great to see some rational thought in the comment section of modblog. I suppose the threshold had to be reached one day where the majority of observers, even in this circle jerk, say “dude, that’s just stupid”

    That threshold evidently is lopping off parts of your face.

    That said, Shawn O’Hare:

    Goddamn you is one fucking idiot bastard bitch fuck, aintcha. That’s about the worst flesh removal I’ve EVER seen, and I’ve seen Howie’s work.

    So that’s really saying something.

    So I’ll speak here for all the professionals who have some talent but are afraid to speak up in public forums about fucks like yourself:

    Please get out of the business and stay out. You’re an untalented menace. You’re dangerous. You’re making a lot of people look bad. And you’re going to be one of the people who is the reason that this entire scene is about two phone calls and a letter from being shut down completely, if you don’t stop now.

    So stop.


    I’m going to send Barry along to the APP with a special message just for you too, so make sure you hang around him until he remembers it.

    (dear moderator, feel free to unmoderate this one and not the other one. They’re both me)

  88. well how come its ok to get your cock pierced but not have your eyebrow skin taken off?

  89. Man, I pretty much *always* side with practitioners in arguments like this. But Shawn, you’re making yourself out to be a really nasty piece of work here. Less aggression and rudeness would really aid your position here.

  90. This is getting ridiculous. The procedure was very thought out and discussed with a few of the mod artists brought up on here already. You guys are idiots. I told Shawn what I wanted and he gave me exactly what I fucking asked for. I couldn’t be more happy. Now as far as bbp go. I work with Shawn. Claims that we are dirty are just ridiculous. Our shops are very well know and set the standards in Ventura County and in Fresno. Shawn has worked closely with the health department in our area to regulate the industry. Shawn and my life is this industry. Our work speaks for it self. I have seen questionable work from every so called famous mod artist in the industry. Fuck I have assisted Shawn with more implants than some so called implant artists have even seen. For everyone that doesn’t just believe what they are told and want to check out our work you can check it here. http://www.myspace.com/brandonvermillion and http://www.myspace.com/pastorpain

    This site is laughable. I called a very reputable mod artist on performing a facial scarification without a mask on and got flamed for it on here and then you guys are going to turn around and tell us about aseptic technique.

  91. I never had dirty gloves on holding a camera. Come on, I don’t think anybody’s that bad. I may have had gloves on while holding a camera, doesn’t mean they were dirty. People ask to take pics with me, so what? Fuck you guys with your little rants and raves about me.
    Your portfolio does suck Cameron. I’ve never met you, but from the way you’re attacking me on here i’m sure you’re an ass. You have pics of you fucking melons, don’t worry about where my dick goes. I probably won’t recognize you in Vegas, be sure to introduce yourself.

  92. AL,

    Very well written opinion. I am very surprised at your dedication to write so much bs. We don’t do hardcore mods at conventions. Shawn does implants when he travels yes. But you are an idiot if you think he is putting implants in people at conventions. I work conventions with Shawn I know how we work at conventions. Claims of taking pictures with gloves on and gettting in the sharps container and going back to a piercing are just ludacris. You can say what you want about this procedure. The bottom line is I wanted it done. Their isn’t a dr that would perform the procedure. I accepted all possible risks. You guys can say we got lucky or what every you want. I told Shawn what I wanted and he gave me exactly what I asked for. It healed in exactly the manner we wanted it to with exactly the end result that we wanted. If that is luck then Shawn and I continually get lucky.

  93. The fact is none of you guys have done this procedure. It is easy to sit back and speculate how you would have done it and what a horrible job Shawn did from behind your keyboards. The fact is it turned out great. Everything is healed very cleanly. The skin removal was deeper than an average skin removal scarification. The main goal was to get rid of my eyebrow leaving a scar behind.

  94. Shawn, I’ve already told you how you can find me. So to make it easier I’ll not only be doing professional, fully cranial scalpings with my shirt off, but I’ll do it at the bar while fucking a honeydew.

  95. Now knowing how Mr. O’Hare conducts himself on a world-famous Mod website, (whether or not you’re ‘off duty’ or whatever) I would not put my body into his capable (or uncapable – I have no opinion on this matter) hands simply as he appears to have no respect for other members of this society. It doesn’t matter what other people have or haven’t done, if in their opinion it looks sloppy or unhygienic then perhaps he should take this into account and review his own practices. Surely he would want others to take one look at what he does and agree that it looks to be of high quality and performance in order for them to want to go to him themselves? Not everyone will have been following his work for years and understand that he has no need to work in a shirt or under BBP regulations.
    In any case, I wont be having my eyebrows removed…by Mr O’Hare or anyone else for that matter.

  96. Why would you wear gloves to take a picture, unless they were used? I don’t see any artists putting gloves on to handle a camera…
    Someone criticizes you, and then you attack them and tell them they suck, well, that’s just bad ethics. That’s not how you make friends in the industry!
    Every “first” is going to stir up controversy. Could you imagine if there was a modblog back when Shannon and the Lizardman got their tongues split, what people would be saying? And now its an acceptable mod done by lots of people.
    I’d stop attacking the people that criticize you. That just makes you look like an asshole. Waah, they don’t like me so I’ve gotta find something about them to hate and display on a public forum! What does it matter if he’s a shitty piercer (I haven’t seen his portfolio, so I can’t say..) he’s entitled to his opinion.
    I’m NOT a piercer (well, I was.. long story), and I think it looks like shit.
    I’ll stick to Brian, thanks.

  97. That’s the point, Brandon- It Is VERY easy to sit back and speculate from our keyboards.
    That’s when you and Shawn come in and say “hey, I know this is pretty far out, but here’s how we went about it and blah blah blah”.

    Instead… you have Shawn talking like a cast member of ROCK OF LOVE, ruining any any chance he might have of not coming off like a total d-bag.

    Over the last 20 years in the community I’ve done my fair share of things that weren’t the wisest idea, and all of them ended up working out in our favor. That didn’t make them good ideas, nor did it let me off the hook for explaining my actions to my peers.

    That said- I’m glad you’re healing well and happy with the results.

  98. I don’t really understand the point of overly complaining about or drawing out a discussion on something that has already happened. The client is happy with his procedure, he is obviously currently healthy. and in the end client approval is the deciding factor on whether or not an artist is a good one, or a bad one. Not throwing stones at those trying to better the community, just saying if you don’t like someone’s practice, don’t practice that way.

    I am curious, however, about how you handled aftercare. I’ve had extensive scarification, but never as a skin removal; so I’m not sure if the aftercare is the same. Do you debride something like this? Do you just let it sit and heal and see what happens? Whats the effect you’re going for?

  99. I haven’t said anything about how Shawn responded. Shawn speaks for himself. I am only speaking to the people that are questioning our practices as modification artists. I could give a shit less what people think of Shawn’s personality. Shawn’s personality makes him no less a qualified mod artist. Nor does it change the look of my very nicely healed eyebrow.

    Everyone has to find a person that they click with to be modded by. If Shawn isn’t that person then move on.

  100. Photoshopped!

    1) The pixels on the eyebrow are all wrong.

    2) I’ve been to hell and back, and believe me…I’ve seen my fair share of ‘shops.

  101. “Shawn’s personality makes him no less a qualified mod artist”

    No it doesn’t. What does, however, make him a less qualified mod artist is his blatant disregard for cleanliness and his subsequent excuse storm as to why it’s all ok anyway.

    I know I’m not the only one here who remembers Anne Greenblatt being kicked out of Modern American Bodyart where she was guest piercing — because she *may* have screwed a sterile field by touching a radio knob.

    There was a day when this sort of thing was taken seriously. I might be the only one here who remembers Pierre Zambrano being given so much shit about using a dry heat sterilizer that he quit piercing. And at the time, he was easily in the top ten most talented piercers in the world. Should he have quit? Nah, he was being a pansy. But the shit he was given was valid.

    You’d do well, Shawn O’Hair, to consider what’s being said by people older and more experienced than you as something other than total horse shit.

  102. Wow i dont even know where to start at least most of it has been covered already. Please stop doing shit to people to help yourself come up. Dont think i wasnt in your poor excuse for a piercing class at that sex dungeon i was doing suspensions at about 4 years ago in LA, you still present yourself with a pathetic unprofessional attitude and a portfolio only an uneducted consumer would be impressed with. And before you call me a hater who doesnt do illegal procedures within the state of california take a look at what your doing and how its going to be when you end up in a court room oneday for either killing or permanently deforming someone.

  103. YTTRX,

    Where is his blatant disregard for cleanliness? Just because his answer on here wasn’t up to your standards does not mean he is dirty. All we have had is people blatantly lie about what they supposedly saw at a convention. That person is full of shit. WE DO NOT DO HARDCORE MODS AT TATTOO CONVENTIONS. We pierce at tattoo conventions. Everything we do is in a very sterile enviroment. Like I said our shop sets the standard for cleanliness in our county. CHECK OUT OUR WORK BEFORE YOU HATE. Don’t judge us by our writing ability alone. Again you can see our work at http://www.myspace.com/brandonvermillion and http://www.myspace.com/pastorpain

  104. #156 – By simply saying “Everything we do is in a very sterile enviroment.” shows me that you have NO clue as to what you are talking about. “Sterile” is defined as the absence of life. ( http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/sterile ) Plain and simple. By arguing that your “enviroment”(sic) is “very sterile”, you show me that you don’t fully grasp the concept of sterile and not sterile….and that scares me since you are working on the unknowing, general public. *sigh*

    There are classes out there that can teach you these things….pretty 101 in my opinion. check out Health Educators and get your learn on.

  105. so um Cameron if i bring you the honeydew could i get the cranial scalping? just a lil off the top.

  106. Cellfire,

    Dont nit pick my posts. I have held an EMT certification for longer than alot of you commenting on this post have been in the industry. I worked for 3 years as a first responder. I am BBP certified and from your own link the word sterile in a medical setting means : free from living organisms and especially microorganisms. In a medical sense their is nothing incorrect about my wording. It is a very accepted term. No hospital room is technically sterile. The enviroment I provide my clients exceeds the industry standards for cleanliness end of story.

  107. Dear Shawn O’hare,
    Your profession is body modification. This is a body modification blog. If you don’t see any reason to conduct yourself in a calm and professional manner here, you really just do not get it.

  108. Brandon- Correct me if I am wrong, but from the pictures it seems that Shawn is not wearing a face mask during your eyebrow procedure.

  109. Brandon – I -will- nit pick your posts, because things like that anger me. If you have the training that you claim you do, then you would know better. Just because you passed a test to get a certificate doesn’t mean you retained the info…

  110. Anyone else see anything wrong, cleanliness wise, with carving off a huge chunk of flesh and slapping it on different parts of your body?
    The way the both of them have conducted themselves here makes me not want to get work done by either of them. Having a “fuck you if you disagree with me” attitude isn’t a good thing to have”. Especially not when you’re the first to do something.
    Also, there should have been some research into that part of the body before going into a procedure like that.. Like the guy (I suck with names) who had his nostrils reconstructed, his practicioner consulted with a plastic surgeon, for example.

  111. just being certifed in things dosnt make u that much more competent

    i know u have to have seen the piercings doctors have attempted

    and consulting with steve haworth dosent make u qualified to do a procedure

    i wouldnt want to be worked on by some one i can pierce better than

    like comparing your portfolio to his

    nothing to write home about but its better than shawns (hey look i have surface bars ) portfolio

    i have done stupid things to my own body that worked out fine

    doesnt mean it was the right thing to do or in anyway good

    but hey being lucky is all u need if your gonna be really edgy and cool

  112. Damn Brandon, that was MUCH better. You’re strongly defending your position, pointing out URLS to support your point, and doing so in an entirely rational matter.

    I’m actually not kidding here, I know I have that thing where everything I say sounds sarcastic, but that is absolutely not the case here.

    So, I still think you’re a dumbass and that O’Hair is a dirty, dirty girl, but I have to admit — you’re the kind of person for a heavy mod, even if I think it’s stupid. That puts you in a pretty elite category with about six other people, by the way.

    Pretty cool, pretty cool. I like your style, dude.

  113. What I really wanted to comment on though, was the utter and complete lack of professionalism on Mr. O’Hare’s part in responding to the criticism of his peers.

    I may be a little old fashioned, but you can make valid statements and arguments without sounding like a foul mouthed delinquent. Not only does that, in turn, make you appear just a little smarter, people are more likely to listen to your side of the story.

    As for the mod.. well.. it’s great that Brandon is healing up well at this point. Does that mean he will continue to heal successfully? No.. deep scars continue changing over time, and to me, it will be interesting to see what happens a year from now with the healing. Do I think it was a great idea to do this? No. I think that, as it’s been stated, that the smarter idea would have been to do laser hair removal, then a scarification design over that area. But I understand also, that that option would be costly, and sometimes risky and cheap is a far better option when it comes to dealing with one’s budget than safe and expensive for some people.

    And when it comes down to it, it’s really no more dangerous than cutting someone’s hood off in a trailer.. and we have all seen that done. ;)

  114. to Shawn O’hare:

    I’m not gonna give any comments about ur work or this procedure what u did. it’s not my business and what i think about this procedure, it’s my business, not anyone else.
    but what i wanna say after reading ur comments, is if u think u r professional, then act like professional and don’t tell all ppl fuck off who dislike ur work. that’s not professional, innit? being arrogant twat doesn’t lead anywhere and certainly doesn’t give u any respect.
    so just concentrate to ur work and don’t waste ur time to arguing with ppl here.



  115. and one more thing…

    “Your portfolio does suck Cameron. I’ve never met you, but from the way you’re attacking me on here i’m sure you’re an ass.”

    who u are saying that someone’s portfolio sucks?or is ur portfolio so good that u can say that? this kind of comments are so unprofessional man!! grow up!

  116. Long story short, it’s great that it’s actually healing well so far and at least this was on a friend/co-worker and not on some random client.

    Having said that, Shawn, I did see you doing cuttings at your booth at a tattoo convention, and yes, I did see you photograph someone’s fresh anchors with dirty gloves on. Maybe I was hallucinating from the “stress at the convention”? Whatever… if nothing else, just learn from your mistakes and progress.

    To be totally honest, Brandon, you seem like a pretty alright dude. Your portfolio shows that you’ve still got a ways to go before you’re a really solid piercer, but if you got under the wing of someone that really knew what they were doing you’ve got potential. Based on the responses in this public forum and the work you both have posted on your MySpace pages, my advice would be to find someone who is ethical, professional, and skilled and you could have a real future as a piercer instead of just being “that guy that does all the crazy shit”.

    Those are just my opinions. Take them or leave them.

  117. When this first posted i was l was like,”WHOA!! that looks like shit!” then i saw the pics of it healing and was very surprised. fortunately for Brandon it looks like it’ll continue to heal up pretty damn well.

    Seeing scarification pieces on modblog that are too deep, too choppy, or just poorly done doesn’t really surprise me anymore. What absolutely does surprise me is the responses that are thrown around by so called “professional” practitioners when their work is critiqued. If you are going to post pics of your work, then you need to be able to take some criticism. Instead of responding like a complete ass and just making things worse. Either take it with a grain of salt, and keep your mouth shut. Or even better, ask the other professionals in here what they would of done differently. Even if this piece does continue to heal perfectly, as a professional it is your duty to continue to improve and learn. With an attitude like yours, that is going to be very hard to do. Somewhere a long the line you forgot that this is a website devoted towards our industry, that means that you should treat it a bit more professionally and act accordingly. But what do i know…. i’ll just pull up my rocking chair with mr. porter, yttrx, meg, and the rest of us ol’ timers, we’ll sit back and watch you continue to make an ass of yourself

  118. A couple of years ago I used to participate in a body mod forum. A guy posted one day – saying that he’d like his eyelids removed. (I’m deadly serious, this actually happened). Naturally, everyone in the forum informed him of what a stupid idea this was etc etc (we all know the importance of sight, yes?).

    But a couple of centimetres south, and bam, that’s what we have here!

    All joking aside, that forum guy is still out there. Any takers for this procedure?

  119. Al,
    Who are you to judge mine and Shawn’s portfolios? Let me see your work. Atleast I put mine out there for the world to judge.If John Joyce would have made your comment maybe it would hold some weight with me. But I don’t know who you are Al. If you are so qualified tell me your qualifications and then feel free to tell me what needs improvement in my portfolio. I like constructive criticism. Telling me I have a ways to go before I am a solid piercer is laughable.

  120. Ok, so i said fuck and called out peoples work, my bad. I’m not an asshole, when i came on here i already had people calling me a d-bag, hack, a-hole. i responded back the same way, i’m a professional when it comes to my work, but disrespect me and saying my work “blows” is just fucked up.This was about a removal, not my attitude. I didnt say anything to anybody who said negative things about the procedure, but the people that took cheap shots at me and my other work is who i’m calling out. I know it was risky and expected a lot a negative responses, but i didnt expect to be called names and have all this come down to my responses being rude and unprofessional, talked to me in person and then judge my “attitude”

  121. Brandon- Oops, I was wrong. I am referring to the pictures from his myspace and he isn’t wearing a mask. I guess they were taken during your implant procedure.

  122. Brandon, are you actually surpised at all the reactions? I only ask as it’s difficult to tell. As you have no eyebrows.

  123. “disrespect me and saying my work “blows” is just fucked up.”


    “This was about a removal, not my attitude.”

    you, and you alone, turned this into a conversation about your attitude with your first post on this thread. Good luck with the damage control on this one.

    “…but the people that took cheap shots at me and my other work is who i’m calling out.”

    Please take this moment solidify your arguement and publically tell everybody why you think my portfolio isn’t up to your standards, and if you would like I would be more than happy to publicly critique yours.

  124. “disrespect me and saying my work “blows” is just fucked up.”


    “This was about a removal, not my attitude.”

    you, and you alone, turned this into a conversation about your attitude with your first post on this thread. Good luck with the damage control on this one.

    “…but the people that took cheap shots at me and my other work is who i’m calling out.”

    Please take this moment solidify your argument and publicly tell everybody why you think my portfolio isn’t up to your standards, and if you would like I would be more than happy to publicly critique yours.

  125. Brandon- Use the links from comment #74 and those are the pictures I am talking about.

  126. I saw your myspace portfolio and your BME one, best thing you got is a fresh 12g transverse lobe with ptfe,and a 2x tragus. your portfolio looks like an apprentice’s. Saying my work “blows” and calling me a “low-brow knuckle dragger” when it looks like you’ve been piercing 6 months. Go ahead a critique my work. Calling me a d-bag is saying something about my attitude and Porter called me one right after my post, so he made this about my attitude, and you(cameron) take your time to nit-pick my posts like you’re going to accomplish something is laughable. Just drop it already, now you want to talk about portfolios, hit me up on iam if you want to continue this delightful argument/debate, im tired of coming back to this long comment page.

  127. Shawn, seriously man, you’re not going to win this. There is no coming out on top.
    Just stop posting altogether and instead, work on your interpersonal skills. You’re at fault for continuing this as much as anyone else here. Just let it go, hopefully better yourself, and prove everyone wrong.
    Or, continue acting in the manner that you currently are, and allow everyone who is criticizing you to be correct.

    Remember, insulting those who have insulted you does not make you a better man.

  128. No Shawn, that wasn’t what I asked of you. Tell me what’s wrong with the piercings in my portfolio, tell me why they are not well done piercings, tell me where you think I need improvement. Let’s talk here, bubs, piercer to piercer. Man to man. Melon fucker to…whatever the hell it is you’re supposed to be. The ball is in your court, so take this chance to flex your muscle as the omniscient body artist you think you are and call me out on my shit.

    Give me some time to write up my critique on your portfolio. You can find it on my IAM page later this evening.

  129. Didnt Shawn work at Charlies tattoo’s in Simi Valley for a minute….

    Enough said

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  131. wow. this whole thing is becoming one giant pissing contest, eh?

    this thing, to me, looks and feels like a bad idea for reasons spoken by many on here. thats my opinion. sure the client is happy, and is doing well, but as meg said, deep scars change with time. my hope is that he continues to carry on well.

    my biggest thing is the whole, fuck everyone who attacks me first, i have to be a dick back. why? this is the fucking internet!!! does it really matter so much that someone flamed you? sure, it may have been aggravating, but fuck man. this is fucking modblog. people are going to spout shit if they please, and thats the truth of it. attacking back does nothing but take the focus away from your work, and put it directly onto your shoulders.

    other than that.

    cameron, i love you man. keep fucking melons and next time i am in richmond, you better have the shop put together again so you can pierce me.

  132. I’m sick of having body hair, but I’d rather not get lasered. Can someone remove all my body hair using this method? I think it would be a GREAT idea.

  133. Cameron,
    there is nothing wrong with your portfolio. being able to do a well done nipple piercing is far more impressive than any sort of implant…..but thats just my humble opinion.

  134. Hahahah this forum is hillarious. Not only is it just general knowledge that shawn o’hare is a real grade a douche bag, but I don’t even have to defend that point of view.

    As far as me being a “BMEslut”, sticks and stones dear. At least I’m not about to have a kid!

    Pay back is a bitch. Who’s the slut now :P

    To everyone who’s legit in this industry, I love you guys. Thanks for being alive ^_^

  135. Grande Rojo,

    No Shawn never worked at Charlies in Simi Valley. Shawn owns his own studio in Simi Valley called Simi Valley Tattoo. Shawn worked at Charlies in Camarillo for less than two months before opening Fillmore Tattoo.

  136. “No Shawn never worked at Charlies”

    “Shawn worked at Charlies in Camarillo for less than two months”


  137. eh both shops are equaly horrible… I have seen some decent work come from Shawn…. but to be honest his arrogance makes me uneasy. When your head gets too big you leave to much room for error. i have seen some pretty horrible work come from his hand. Everyone has good and bad days tho so we cant hold that against him. Most of the time work speaks for itself. but when you have someone coming out saying the things he is saying, you do lose professionalism points. Piercers should be more like surgeons and less like rockstars…

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  139. i believe the content in this forum is slightly OTT to say the least..

    (and yes, i’m posting this without my IAM name, because all this flaming is just rediculous!)

  140. #126 Shawn, because he’s JUST a piercer??

    Fucking mod-snobbering man. Not cool. This place is a community. It’s about doing YOUR job WELL. Whether you do skin removals, implants, tattooing or may it just be the lowly act of JUST piercing.

    really shitty man.

  141. #198 Grande Rojo

    totally bang on. When you think you’re too elite to take critisim then your to elite to grow and improve. And everyone can improve. I don’t care how much you ‘totally rock’.

  142. “(and yes, i’m posting this without my IAM name, because all this flaming is just rediculous!)”

    then why would you contribute to said “flaming” by posting that?

    i guess being a snitch is way easier when you do it anon.

  143. Dear BME world…

    *sighs* This is a good reminder for me in regards to why I’m trying to take a permanent hiatus/retirement from being a Body Piercer.

    This entire thread gave me a migraine…and I got an acupuncture/t.c.m treatment in the morning, argh!

  144. PS:

    1) Being a Friendly Competitor
    2) Ethics- Investigating new Techniques
    3) Photo Legalities: Reg. 2258
    4) Public Speaking

    I EXPECT you ALL to be at APP and be there for these Round Tables.

  145. I know that this has been pointed out before but: http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=14135145&albumID=152576&imageID=4792030 I’m scared to see that this isn’t the first picture I’ve found where this artist has been piercing/cutting/bisecting without a mask on, and in this case neither was his assistant…. *shivers*

    I would love to one day be able to work as a Mod Artist, but it is people like Shawn (who while having some talent which is hard not to see) who let their ego’s consume them to the point where they can’t take ANY criticism that make me fearful of learning from the wrong kind of teacher.

    I also wonder what the EXTREMELY talented Lucas Zpira would have to say about all this? (Forgive me Lucas if you’ve posted, I haven’t been a part of IAM in a LONG TIME!)

  146. “but disrespect me and saying my work “blows” is just fucked up.”

    Dear Shawn O’Hair:

    Grow the fuck up. Your work DOES blow, and you’re an asshole. Deal with it.

  147. Dear Warren:

    It is now and has *always* been true that the very best piercers and tattoo artists are not to be found anywhere near BME. They’re too busy practicing their craft– which is why they’re so good.

    IAM and to a very slightly lesser extent, BME, are mediocrity clubs. You don’t need either one to be a brilliant pracitioner. In fact, it’s very helpful if you ignore them both completely.

  148. 204 – i said and did that because some people in here are annoyed that Shawn took an unprofessional attitude towards what is being said in this forum. I believe whats going on that forum i linked to isn’t no more grown up than all the flaming that is going on here. its pathetic.

  149. I see, there is a serious imbalance of shouting out and real thrill of the modification. Nudity and rudity sells? So post ugly bullshit pics of a fresh mod (every fresh big wound look ugly), and you get attention. Post the same thing healed, nobody cares.

    No. 74 (Kris): Thanks for the first INFORMATION in this blog and in the worthless discussion below.
    No.89 (Al): Indeed the victim is experienced in doing wild things, so he knows risc and so on himself. he wanted to try, so… shall he. There is no excuse for messing aroung without properr safety standards, here I’m with you. AND: look at the healing pics (post 74), that looks farily nice, here, indeed, the breaking of symetry works exeptionally well, that looks great.

    So a lot of haters post shit, really terrible. No comments on real problems only posting shit. The king of that foul crew, is as usual, No 131, 138, 154, 167, 171…: Pure informatiuon-lacking hatespeech, as we were used from your side in former times. Every good farmhouse needs a sinkhole, you are the one of IAM/BME. Smelling your foul wind means you start feel at home. Of all assholes i know (including politics) you are one of the biggest nuts ever (Bush seems to be intelligent in compare with you…), bur every society has it’s stinky toilet. You are the one of BME. So smelling you means somehow feelingn at home.
    But do you all know what’s the funny thing: If not the crappy shitty pics were postet, but instead only the healed pics, what would have been the reaction? Nothing. A few “wow interesting”, and that’s it. So post shit, post fresh ugly things the worse, the better, and you get attention. Yttrix learned that, and so he is writing that style…

    Indeed, it is a good thing to add also a freh pic, to show what stays behind a nice healed mod…. But posting shit alone, leaving the nice things out = bloody idiot.
    And that is a word regarding the one, writing the article here (and also regarding the one publishing the pics without waiting for results)

  150. The Yttrx spam #214 is really great. Since he was banned due to permanent bulying the club is “mediocre”. Nice, funny. Yttrx seems to be very happy with “mediocre”, as he sets free so much energy to post here… No wonder, mediocre is far out of any level he could ever reach himself.

  151. So yesterday I met Brandon in Fillmore, CA and did a cutting on his chest, and got to see the healed results of his eyebrow removal in person. His eyebrow looks just fine. There are a couple little spots that are slightly thicker than the rest, but overall it looks nice and smooth.
    Another thing that I don’t know if was noted or not in this is that Brandon is a piercer that works for Shawn and has a bunch of other heavier mods. He’s not a client off the street. I know I have several friends that understand what is involved and the possible outcomes, good or bad, that I would do certain more experimental procedures on that I wouldn’t offer to clients and I figure most other practitioners are the same way.
    The fresh pictures of this do look pretty extreme and a little rough around the edges as far as the cutting itself, but it looks like it healed up just fine in person.
    I think if Shawn would have came accross in a more professional manner when addressing what people were saying in this forum it wouldn’t have turned into 200+ posts of people arguing and insulting each other, but then I guess some drama on BME can be fun if you’re sitting around bored.

  152. Dear “..”

    Tell me what is going on in that forum that is so inflammatory, because it seems to me that it’s simply people that have come across my forum getting a kick out of a tongue in cheek joke that mentions no names, links to no web pages (aside from a wiki article on scalping), and exclaims couple of cheap lulz. If I wanted to make a public joke of Shawn, aside from those that I’ve already made and those he has made of himself, I would have made that post here on Modblog so that people that aren’t members of IAM could get the same laugh.
    Homeslice, I’m afraid that linking to that forum has done nothing more than let a few more people know that I can have an opportunistic sense of humor about things.

    You call it pathetic, I, as well as those who have posted in there included Shawn himself, call it a good belly laugh. Sorry you didn’t get it. I’ll try better next time.

  153. The thing I love about this is that Shawn O chose the most “extreme” or “odd” piercing in Cameron’s portfolio and said that it was the “best thing he got”. I thought the key to being a good piercer was having well healed, well placed piercings? I’m pretty sure Cameron has a bunch of those in his portfolio.

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  155. this really should have been about how nice it was for one friend to remove another friend’s eyebrow.
    nothing negative had to be said at all. look at that smile.

  156. The main function of the eyebrow is to prevent moisture, mostly salty sweat and rain, from flowing into the eye, an organ critical to sight. The typical curved shape of the eyebrow (with a slant on the side) and the direction in which eyebrow hairs are pointed, make sure that moisture has a tendency to flow sideways around the eyes, along the side of the head and along the nose. The slightly protruding brow ridges of modern humans could also still play a supporting role in this process. Together with the brow ridges, the eyebrows also shade the eyes from sunlight.

    Eyebrows also prevent debris such as dandruff and other small objects from falling into the eyes, as well as providing a more sensitive sense for detecting objects being near the eye, like small insects.
    Eyebrows also have an important facilitative function in communication, strengthening expressions like surprise or anger.

    So many people lose their eyebrows for health reasons, and this did cuts his off…. kids these days… I wonder if he will be more prone to eye infections now…

  157. Well , Im just gonna put this in the ” Lets blame it on the economy” Box , as if it wasnt already hard enough to get a job these days ! However i still find myself going back to these pictures saying WOW ! ……..PS Ive been in the Body Beautification Industry for 13 years .

  158. Eyebrows are not only for the stuff mentioned in 224, but an important communication device. Whenever you meet someone you know, you will do an involuntary “eyebrow flash”, a quick raising of the eyebrows in recognition of them. Don’t believe me – check it out next time you say hi to a friend.

    That’s why people with no eyebrows look so strange – they give out no “recognition signals” I don’t know how this is going to affect Brandon’s social life but kudos for trying something new.

  159. what if something went like horribly wrong with this and he ended up gettin some gnarly infection and dying anyone else think it might lead to other bad things happeneing to the bodmod industry in some way ?

  160. well I’m definately on his side
    a. scars do pull together quite a bit
    b. no one needs to know why he did it, its his deal and it was done well
    c. good job buddy

  161. Oh man…this makes me cringe. I was eating breakfast at the time I saw this. It’s sorta cool I suppose…but really nasty looking. Blech!

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    “The Yttrx spam #214 is really great. Since he was banned due to permanent bulying the club is “mediocre”. Nice, funny. Yttrx seems to be very happy with “mediocre”, as he sets free so much energy to post here… No wonder, mediocre is far out of any level he could ever reach himself.”

    I’ve not been banned from anything. I shut off my own account once again, because I keep forgetting what a bunch of whiny bitches you are.

    And if you don’t believe me, ask people who would actually know, like Rachel.

  164. i like tatoos and piercing just like the next guy but this is retarded. why not cut at the neck and have done with it, its the best mod i know of

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  167. this shit is worse then what i did i shaved them they grew back and im never gunna do that again i almost commited suicide that shit made me look like shit never do it i dont care what your eyebrows look like be happy you have them in the first place

  168. Wow, dude i envy you :)
    I would like bits of my eyebrow off so i dont have to pluck them :)

  169. Brandon, I looked through your myspace pics and I have to admit; I was really freaked out by the shots here, but after seeing the healed shots it looks pretty cool. Both you and Shawn are really creative and talented to make it turn out so well! I’m impressed the healed scar took almost exact same form as your eyebrow.

    I’m wondering though, while it was healing in that first week, did anyone stop you on the street and ask “wtf happened to you?” lol

  170. geeee…. is that because you don’t like the hair color or is it because of the thickness …?
    or maybe the problem is much deeper than that …?

  171. Whats next? Your facial hair? I always thought about scarring my entire leg so I wouldn’t have to shave anymore.

  172. hmm if I were to get this done… I’d probably would have to have half of my forehead skin grafted afterwards.
    My eyebrows sans plucking are perfect monobrow joke provokers.

    That being said, I can’t see the point of this so I wouldn’t get it done…

  173. That’s brandon..from fillmore..nd now high class tattoo in ventura..he did mine nd my sisters piercings..this foo is bad ass

  174. Wow! This Guy’s gonna looks really creepy without his moustache of eyebrows OO”

    Thx BME for those piX ;)

  175. This guy is proof that some people need attention more desperately than others.

    Of course you are accustomed to the stares, that is exactly why you do these things… even if you won’t admit it.

    I’ve actually offended people in my life by not acknowledging modifications such as this, and not treating the people any differently because of them. You are a rarity if you do not fall into that category, however given your attention and passion to this thread I would easily guess you thrive off of the attention.

    You are merely exploiting the same human nature that makes people slow down for a car crash.

  176. Most pointless/idiotic thing ever…maybe I just can’t wrap my head around all the genius going on here…

    why would somone cut off their eyebrows? not just the hair, the entire patch of flesh that houses the hair…hmm…

  177. People do this because they have deeply rooted mommy issues… or daddy issues. Bad attention is better than no attention… if I was severely neglected I would do the same.

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