Nature’s Second Course

Elad doesn’t like to sleep alone, he says. Well, he’s in luck! We’ve installed a small, imperceptible hidden camera in the ceiling of his bedroom. He’ll never be alone again! Sleep tight, Elad.

(Chestpiece by Beth at Little Vinnie’s Tattoos in Finksburg, Maryland.)

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36 thoughts on “Nature’s Second Course

  1. super neat tattoo. couldn’t help but notice the christmas paper in the corner. it’s from home depot. the end

  2. looks like just enough room in that bed for mee…he wont have to sleep alone aaaany more!! so hot…
    couldent resist a boy with dreds even if i wanted to !!!

  3. I think roughly everyone would share a bed with him, so he should just start taking applications

  4. marry me…we can have lil dready kids, and I will read you stories in bed!!!
    or not. I can settle for just reading to you…first pick, “where the wild things are”…
    love the chest piece!

    hormonally yours,

  5. ..why!?with so many girls (and maybe boys) in this world looking for a nice looking boy, why is he sleeping alone!? -_-’…

    …where should i apply to sleep with him? 😡

  6. I think somebody already is sharing the bed with him! There seems to be a big-as-a-person lump under the covers!

  7. the perspective in that room is freaking me out, spesh with the drawers right behind his head
    i want a 5 dimension room as well 🙁

  8. I’m wondering about his name – Elad is an Israeli name.

    And yeah, like everyone said, I woudln’t mind keeping him company in that bed…

  9. 24, elad could also be dale backwards. thats what i thought of.
    hope he doesnt get a big head from reading all the gushing lady comments.
    …and i meant gushing in a non-pervy way.
    …also meant big head in a non-pervy way.

  10. Ladies (and possibly men) – form an orderly queue at the bedroom door, BEHIND me 🙂

  11. hah i really enjoyed reading these comments especially number twenty six that one was pretty funny =] and as for the whole elad thing its just my name spelled backwards it was just a name that my mom would call me when i was young

    ps. thanks for all of the lovely comments they were cute

  12. aww =] well, i made it up to you the next night. i uploaded the consequent pictures on my profile today. sorry admirers!

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