Ain’t Found a Way to Kill Me Yet

Says Laura:

My cock’s so big I walk on it.

Boosh! Waaait a second … Laura is a girl’s name! Ohhh no no, none of this adds up! Sigh. Say goodnight, ModBlog.

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24 thoughts on “Ain’t Found a Way to Kill Me Yet

  1. wow, this is really lame, I just think there’s better content to post besides boring jokes

  2. It looks really detailed for being so small, pretty neat. I always love rooster tattoos. Especially the double bantam chicken thigh pierces that were shown here once.

  3. “According to seaman tradition, a pig tattooed on the left foot and/or a rooster on the right would keep a sailor from drowning. Since neither of these animals can swim, they would would want to get the seaman back to shore as quickly as possible.”

    I would think you’d pick an animal that CAN swim, but what do I know?

  4. i thought the ole thing was that the crates that they were in were the only thing that would float and thats why they got them tatttooed on their feet. Maybe im just getting it confused with the Ship High In Transit story

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