38 thoughts on “Grey Steel

  1. i really like this a lot. it’s classy. (at least to those of us who are used to tons of metal in people’s faces.) and most of them seem to be doing nicely.

  2. I’m surprised there was no comment yet as to how yummy he looks.

    I’ll be the first………YUMMY!!!!!!

  3. Jordan, I advise you photoshop the necklace out quickly before they sue you for copyright infringement.

  4. I rarely like multiple facial piercings. But damn, those are cool! :D All symmetrical and all sort of uniform with the balls.

    And also; YAY, SWEDEN! :D

  5. He would be cute if I could look past the ew that is taper/blowout.

    This stuff is not normal, people.

  6. re: #9 I hope thats an o-ring around the left-hand side labret plug… cos it just looks nasty.

  7. 24/Holly — I totally agree a blowout isnt anything to reject a man by :P — If he cant blow, well thats another story.

    Its funny how people who do extreme modifications can be so SUPERFICIAL about a tiny little bit of skin poking out of the back of the ear — trust me, look through BME, there are waaaaay bigger turn offs.

    Peace, love all <3

  8. Dandi, I think the reason that most people find blowouts disturbing or off-putting is because of the way they happen. Blowouts are not normal and do not occur when piercings are stretched properly. It’s like a neon sign flashing “unhappy lobe!” and that’s unpleasant to many people, myself included.

  9. Nice piercings. I just thought it looked like the taper was heavy and kinda pulling the skin back at a funny angle. But even if its a ‘blow-out’… seriously get over it. I am so sick of this superior ‘omg n00bz stretching their ears too quickly’ attitude, when half the people saying it have probably done it, they are just the lucky ones that didn’t get blow outs from it.

  10. There’s really no excuse for a blowout. Taking it slow has noting to do wih being superior or thinking you are. It took me two years to hit 9/16. Some can do it a bit faster and some take even longer. Everyone is different. But when you hit a half inch in a month…there’s just no excuse for it.
    NOT saying that’s what happened here. The taper looks heavy and could just be pulling back.
    Even so, the facial piercings look really nice and suit him well.
    I wouldn’t let his ear make me think he’s unattractive…maybe it’s a blowout and maybe not. In the grand scheme of things it really isn’t that big of deal.

    He’s really beautiful.

  11. i got to a 1/2″ in a month and mine are fine. personally i think its just the angle the tapers at.

  12. I love feminine looking piercings like cheeks and anti-eyebrows on guys, and he is soo cute! :D
    Swedes are awesome; I seriously need to get myself one. :P

    Also; calm the fuck down about his ear? It doesn’t even look like a blow-out, it’s most likely just the weight of his taper pulling the skin downwards. And btw, blow-outs can happen even if you go slooow on the stretching; I’ve had it happen twice.

  13. those who talking about blow ups all the time ….u are fucking IDIOTS !!
    hope your brains will blow itself up ..
    who cares about blow ups u fucking winy bitches!!

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