Maybe Daddy’ll Let You Drive

It may appear that good old Johnny Storm is staring longingly at the watermark, or perhaps up into the sky, at the Skrulls, with disgust. But no, he just takes every opportunity he gets to show off that finely honed, supple buttocks. Yes, we get it. You’re very manly. Now stop licking your finger, poking it into one of your pecs and saying, “Oooh, caliente!” You’re not impressing anyone, Johnny.

(Tattoo by Mike Boseman.)

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13 thoughts on “Maybe Daddy’ll Let You Drive

  1. o.O
    This is amazing.
    Jordan; you never cease to humour me with your seemingly endless wit.

  2. #7 – SAME! although the colour is different… who is it (dont slam me for asking… otherwise i’ll keep thinking it’s Jon)

  3. Mike Boseman is located in Roanoke Rapids NC and he is awesome artist. He has been working in Rocky Mount NC at Marked for Life but is opening his own place soon.

  4. I Just found this after 2 years of it being posted haha
    Thanks alot for all the compliments and the credit!!!!!! 🙂

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