The Devil in my Microscope

So this is what happens when you leave a giraffe in a jar of water for too long. God, some of you people are just sick. Can’t you just get tattoos of rainbows or sheets of paper or inoffensive circles or something? Jesus.

(Kidding! Keep it weird, friends. Dodgetheseball is the one sporting this Lynchian hell-creature.)

23 thoughts on “The Devil in my Microscope

  1. haha im gonna get a full back piece; its gonna be a sheet of looseleaf paper. i’ll credit you jordan for the fabulous idea.

    but yeah i dont really understand this tattoo and it makes me kind of sad. it’s really a pathetic looking creature. I love the spots. :D

  2. hahahah i would just like to say that I’m not the one sporting it, as stated, but I’m the one who did it. It’s on my friend Tori, and it was drawn up by a friend of hers. :) It’s also all colored in now!

  3. With all of the word find/maze/crossword tattoos out there, maybe a sheet of college ruled paper isn’t so bad… leave some more room for a lot of creativity with sharpies, you know?

  4. Unless someone has something against fibonacci, my inoffensive circles leave plenty of room for creativity with a sharpie, too! Definitely not as exciting as a one-legged giraffe unfortunately.

  5. That’s so cute!

    I’ve seen sheets of paper tattoos a few times, on people’s hands, arms, and thighs. Most of the time they have “To Do” or some other such cuteness written at the top.

  6. hahahaha I would not sleep well with that on me. Can you imagine the dreams? Holy crap. Funny though.

  7. yes! i love it. thank you steph. it’s all colored in now. i think a picture of my colored giraffe should be put up.

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