The Reindeer Effect

Oh Jesus Christ. The last time we saw Josh, he was about to murder us with an ax, as he is wont to do. Well, this monstrous beast has returned, and he is just terrorizing the Crystal Lake campers, or something, as captured by intrepid photographer Dave Barnhouser of 13th Hour Photography. Barnhouser, by the way, has a gallery opening at Gallery 788 (788 Washington Blvd., Baltimore, MD) on October 1 from 6-9 p.m. This will surely be, if nothing else, a testament to his immeasurable bravery. More shots of your friendly neighborhood ax-murderer, after the jump.

Hidden In My Veins

Well well well, and here we have Christophe sporting a bright and terrifying back-piece melding bio-mech components with outer space and evil planet-sized Venus fly traps, tattooed in six sessions by the excellent Dimitri from Dimitri Tattoo in Saint Germain-en-laye, France. This, obviously, is your Friday Night Nightmare Fuel. Hooray!

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Tattoo Hollywood, Day Two: The Revengening

Hoo boy, we are still combing through the thousands (!) of images from last weekend’s inaugural Tattoo Hollywood convention, but there are some gems in there. With three photographers going, we couldn’t be there for every photo (and as such may not be able to give proper artist credits in every shot), but hopefully these at least convey the atmosphere of the weekend. After the jump? Day two at the convention, including Saturday night’s after-party.

As you could probably tell from earlier posts, the portraiture work coming out of this convention was unreal. And, in some cases, undead. Eh? Right? Get it? Because he’s—yeah, I’ll just show myself out.

Hey, I refuse to believe a man with that hearty a beard could be too big of a scumbag!

Oh look, it’s the lovely Katie, who was helping out at the BME booth for the entire convention. Here she is stifling one of her grosser belches from the weekend, probably.

In conjunction with our scumbaggy friend up there, we get to use both our Hearty Beards and our Hearty Mohawks tags in a single post? It must be our birthday!

And here we have famed artist Boog on the right, giving that baby a haircut with some safety scissors, it looks like.

Ha ha, look at those kidders, John and Johannes, just horsing around! Good one, fellas! (Quick, someone hold down OSHA while I administer the Amnesia Ray.)

Michelangelo just pooped his pampers.

What else does Tattoo Hollywood have to offer? Oh, nothing, just Benji Madden walking around stark naked, showing off his tattoos, all day, just for fun. Suck on that, TMZ.

Hey, party time! Saturday night’s after-party was thrown at The Highlands, a nightclub conveniently located in the same hotel complex as the convention. Four-dollar beers, five-dollar cocktails and a bunch of tattooed people dancing on a patio until the wee hours? Not bad at all. And here? Here we have more conclusive evidence that chix dig mustaches, real or otherwise.

This man just did a body-shot off a cactus.

Oh hey, it’s celebrity DJ Benji Madden (again)! He played a mostly inoffensive set, aside from this song that features Lil Jon yelling “SHOTS!” over and over for a hundred years, the knowledge of which is a burden on our soul.

Easily one of the highlights of the night was the always debonair Bob Roberts sweeping Rachel into his arms for a center-stage slow-dance to…Sweet Home Alabama. Tattoo Hollywood makes dreams come true, ladies and gentlemen.

Dip dip dip.

And finally, what with Hearty Beards and Hearty Mohawks accounted for, how could we not complete the holy trifecta with a little Nightmare Fuel?

Still more to come!

All photos by Phil Barbosa, Thaddeus Brown and Jen Savage.

ModBlog Late Night Presents: Nightmare Fuel!

Technical tomfoolery, sadly, kept us offline for a few hours this evening, but we’re back up and running and could think of no better way to send you fine people off into dreamland than with this horrific demon child, having just feasted on the tender flesh of an innocent. But hey, look how happy she is! That’s what counts, right? (So help us God she will eat your damn face if you disagree.)

Sleep tight, folks!

(Tattoo by the great Kyle Cotterman (more) at Ink Revolution Studios in Kingsport, Tennessee.)

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Renew Thy Force

And here, straight from wintry Siberian Novosibirsk, Russia, comes a handsome young gent (with his lobes stretched to an impressive 60 mm.) and his terrifying nightmare doll. Sure, he says it’s part of a “performance” of some kind, and maybe he deserves the benefit of the doubt, but the second that thing shows up in my dreams and tries to devour my soul (only a matter of time, really), I swear to God I am driving to Russia and throwing that creature in the fire pit.

I Hope I Didn’t Brain My Damage

Well, folks, let’s wrap things up with some good old fashioned nightmare fuel. The piece you see above is worn by Dee, and it looks like someone took an old-school wall of flash, threw it in a blender with a few ounces of peyote and let nature take its course. In an excellent way, of course. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take a cold shower. The coldest.

Until tomorrow, ModBloggers.

(Tattoo by Ian Oliver at Velvet Grip in West Hollywood, California.)

On The Wing

In the future, after the last newspaper has burned, the Internet has eaten itself and various Twitter and Tumblr robots murder each other in the streets all day, every day, we will have no choice but to get our news from the tattoos of the townsfolk. Adam is just setting the pace with this combination Swine/Avian Flu (“Flying Pig Flu,” of course) tattoo, which will undoubtedly be the final straw for humanity. Either that or some sort of Scientologist dinosaur meteor. If you only bet on one apocalypse scenario today, make it one of these. Thank you for your continued support of BME Casinos. We’ll see you tomorrow.

(Tattoo by Adam Burdine at No Surrender Studios in San Marcos, Texas.)

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Sing and Rejoice

Good afternoon, ModBloggers! Have you saluted ol’ Queenie up there yet today? No? Well…the ever-watchful eye of the British Empire has a death gaze for you, after the jump.

(Tattoos by the great Sean Karn at Fuzion Ink in Norfolk, Virginia. More Karn here.)

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Bloody Instructions

Oh. my. God.

Nobody move. You hear me? Nobody move.

OK, actually, somebody should move and call or text message God or the marines or whatever you do in a situation like this. What situation? Oh, nothing, just that we here at BME have apparently stumbled upon the source of the goddamned swine flu that is the newest pandemic that is going to find and murder every last one of us. Do not be taken in by its seductive prowess, people. Remember: Everybody is at risk, even if the pig is wearing a dental dam. Be safe out there.

(Tattoo by Tom Ingram at Black Hole Tattoos in Portland, Oregon.)

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