VIMBY Video: Paul Booth

Friend of BME, Ary from VIMBY Video, just sent us this new piece profiling a man who needs no introduction, Paul Booth, at his Last Rites studio in New York City. Paul discusses trades he’s made for tattoo work (example: a torture chair), tattooing rock stars, shows off “Skeleton Christ,” and more.

13 thoughts on “VIMBY Video: Paul Booth

  1. I have an entire backpiece by Booth.. very cool. All I did was sign up and 2 years later I get the call, that’s it.

  2. Paul is a sweetheart. I don’t know if he’d appreciate me blowing up any spooky image he has, but it’s true. He is just still a kid who wants to be Hallowe’en every day. I love him.

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  4. Oh my God! The studio is so clandestine. You were definitely not kidding about it being “the atmosphere”. It is so artistically enriched that you get the whole vibe of everything when you are actually sitting down getting your ink done.

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