This Week in BME

You know what? It’s been a long week. I just want to go home, turn on the radio, and do some work around the house. First thing, I’ve gotta fix this broken light.

So many loose screws! Glad I’ve got my lucky screwdriver, I tell you.

And now, just have to water some plants, and then it’s time for bed. I’ve earned this.

(Photos of the incomparable Kokomi. Much, much more in his BME Hard gallery.)

Whew! Wild week, there, folks. Some memorable moments:

  • Weezy and his grill make an appearance.
  • The very, very controversial eyebrow removal seems to be healing well!
  • Swastika Freakshop is awesome, as always, forever, etc.
  • They’re real, and they’re spectacular.
  • Your managing editor prevented a repeat of a prior calligraphic civil war that made everybody want to kill each other, and themselves.
  • Roo, as usual, is all about nipple ‘splosions.
  • Hero pilot Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger III receives the first-ever BME Big Balls award!
  • A fanciful and in-depth profile of Club Tattoo visionary Sean Dowdell was published.
  • We’ll be around over the weekend. Don’t be afraid to visit. Enjoy yourselves, ModBlog, stay safe, and thank you for your continued support of BME.

    13 thoughts on “This Week in BME

    1. This has gone on for too long, Dylan. Every time I post, you cut in with some half-baked insult that probably requires less creativity than a baby takes to shit itself. And can I be honest?

      I am *so* turned on.

      Whatever you’re doing … I don’t know. It just works for me. I know you feel it too. You’d need a rocket launcher to blast through this sexual tension.

      I’m not sure where we go from here. But, umm … see you around?

    2. hah! thats… oddly impressive…
      never touch anything in this guys house cos you KNOW where its been.

      oh dylan. all you do is sit on ur computer all day waiting for jordan to post.

    3. Wow. That’s really impressive.

      Dylan, consider yourself lucky.

      I’d love to turn Jordan on. He’s beautiful.

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