The Chilling Vision of Things to Come

Oh no?

[restrains tattooee, gives her a desk job, two kids and a mortgage]

You were wrong to challenge me.

(Tattoo by Costa Dan at King Arthurs Tattoo Studio in Scarborough, UK.)

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17 thoughts on “The Chilling Vision of Things to Come

  1. I agree, ‘can’t’ would have sounded better.

    …..not to pick it apart or anything. Because that would be SO unmodblog-like.

  2. i freaking love the idea. not huge on the execution, but each to their own; it’s not my skin and I’m sure they would say the same about some of my tattoos. Great idea though.

  3. Stop making up up tags, damn it, or I’ll be the one doing the restraining! Jordan, you must be stopped, you’re silliness has reached inexcusable levels.

  4. This is a quote from Peter Pan, hence the ‘cannot’ rather than can’t and why this tattoo is actually awesome as opposed to a whining kid like Jordan makes it sound…..!

  5. Like #8 said ‘can’t’ in place of cannot would sound bratty to me.

    I think it’s fantastic just the way it is.

  6. how can you even say nething about the cannot
    i think this is an awesome tat
    and like #8 said its a quote
    i love it

  7. haha good call with the kids and job. That could kill any ones dreams!

    Just kidding baha. Like this alot.

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