Brain Freeze

I know this photo is supposed to elicit some sort of reaction from me, but what? Sure, it’s the mouth of a woman, with many piercings, eating a creamsicle of some sort, but I feel like I’m missing some sort of vital subtext that is preventing me from enjoyOH IT LOOKS LIKE A BLOW JOB. Now I get it.

(From Boet in Poland.)

See more in Off-centre tongue piercings (Tongue Piercing)

24 thoughts on “Brain Freeze

  1. Wow!!
    Way to go!! I have 3 tongue piercings as well!!
    And really, really love the labrets, used to have 3, I miss them u_u

  2. G… you poor, poor deprived child :(
    — however, I find these pictures very appealing – I’m loving the photography aspect!


  3. Uh it’s probably lime flavor you guys.

    Also it looks like the color coating is coming off one of the balls in her mouth, crappy jewelry yo

  4. Am I the only one who got chills looking at the biting pic?

    (not a suggestive manner….sensitive teeth suck)

  5. This masterpieceis called “Japco”, as far as I remember, and its apple flavoured.
    Id kill for that one.

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