Running the Asylum

Pop quiz! This gentleman is:

A) Relieving himself
B) Doing a Robert De Niro impression
C) Stumbling across a dead body in his kitchen

For the answer, look into your hearts, friends. You’ll find it.

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26 thoughts on “Running the Asylum

  1. he would be cuter if he was wearing the right jewelry. nostril jewelry is too long and ear jewelry is too short

  2. His jewelry fits him. It’s fine to not want the flares pressing into the surface of your nose. And his plugs look like glass or acrylic which can casue a sort of lense-like optical illusion to make it look shallow but there’s clearly space available on it so his lobe fits.

  3. Yep, definitely a dump. You can easily see that he’s in the bathroom (ie. Toilet paper roll in the background)

  4. @ N. ear jewelry too short? what does that mean?

    are the earrings glass or acrylic? cause they look bad ass

  5. I thought he might be pooping, or smelling poop

    He is adorable!

    And I really like his ear jewelry, I just hope it isn’t acrylic : X

  6. There are lots of things you can do in the bathroom other than take a dump.
    So I don’t knoe.

  7. @Wous: There was a cat involved.

    Unfortunately folks, the plugs are acrylic. But hey, they’re cheap, fit perfectly fine and I love ‘em.

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