Bacon up That Sausage

So, this treasonous tattoo can be found on Mandic, who is NOT EVEN LACTOSE INTOLERANT, but claims he is just a picky eater and despises God’s cheese, so much so that he will peel it off of slices of pizza before he eats them, because he finds it “disgusting.” Listen comrade, I’m sure you’re emboldened by the new President’s mandate that America will be inclusive of all people — even non-believers! — but piling cheese on top of every damned thing you eat is as American as a delicious slice of apple pie, with melted cheese. I don’t know where you get off exercising personal taste and trying to keep your arteries unclogged and other “healthy” courses of dietary action, but quit it.

(Actually, you’re probably right. Tattoo by Frankie G. at Tattoo Marks in Souderton, Pennsylvania.)

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24 thoughts on “Bacon up That Sausage

  1. (Ha ha, before this descends into all-out dairy-fueled mayhem, let me just clarify that I do not actually think Mandic is a traitor, and, as I’ve said before, I love food tattoos, and this is a great one. Proceed.)

  2. I’m more of a “Give me cheese or give me death” kinda guy . . . but any cheese tattoo (even if it’s chees-o-phobic) makes me smile.

  3. Haha. I have been called all manner of crazy for my distaste of cheese. It really is a pain, I just do not want it.

    And Jannell, quiet you!

  4. Oh man I peel cheese off of my pizza too!!! All my friends think I’m a freak for doing it.

  5. I think the concept is awesome!
    PS: not to piss you off Jordan, but pizza is italian, not american…

  6. it is a rope with a rose. Both of my arms are capped with “bracelets”. My right one has a thick rope with a rose on top of my wrist. And my left one is a chain with a skull on top of my wrist. My hands will eventually “tie” to the wrists.

  7. Cheese is murder.

    even looking at cheese in a chain grocery store directly murders a cow somewhere.
    just SAYING the word cheese gives a cow polio.
    seriously, it’s a scientific fact.

    glad to see someone with a conscience and no blood on his hands, or cheese for that matter getting tatts.

  8. as long as the meat is alive when you are eating it, it isn’t murder.

    most commercially consumed meat is generated in a lab, with no harm to the cow.

  9. Alan, I am with Brian. FU! Cheese = teh awesome. You jus have yet to taste a cheese you like. Your young, trust me, it will happen lol

  10. this is just wrong. cheese is god’s way of telling us that not everything we do as a race is terrible. it makes up for Him killing all those kittens everytime you masturbate :p

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